Hey @hacktoberfest@twitter.com! We have a few (urgent) fixes to propose so that young FOSS contributors can participate in the challenge!

Can we have a conversation some time very soon? We cannot find an e-mail address for that, so here we go:


1. Please make the challenge independent of GitHub and GitLab.com, or at least add some open platforms like FramaGit, EduGit and Codeberg.

Contributors younger than 16 years have legal issues using GitHub or GitLab.com!

2. Please make the community accessible outside Discord! You could e.g. use Matrix.

Discord does not allow contributors under 16 years on their platform. If you want, we can set up a bridged Matrix space for Hacktoberfest, so anyone can freely choose between Discord and Matrix.

Please get back to us quickly so young contributors can participate right from the start!

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