Workbench now supports the programming language for learning and prototyping

Thanks to Lorenz Wildberg !

It is implemented as a sub-process which communicates via DBus with the main application.

When activated, the sub-process takes care of rendering the preview as well as building and running the code.

We need to do some cleanups, but we designed and built it in a way that it should be trivial to implement new languages.

@alcinnz We could use testers! If you're interested in giving it a try and helping out, it should be trivial to run Workbench main in GNOME Builder.

We also have a Matrix room

@sonny I'm sorry, I'm struggling to keep ontop of the projects I'm already tackling. Mostly using Haskell, and loving elementary Code!

@sonny I've been putting off learning GTK+ for years. Is Vala an especially good language for GTK+ beginners? I'd be a total Vala beginner, as I don't think I've ever even heard of it.

@sonny Awesome! Is there potential for Rust support aswell?

@optimal Absolutely! As long as someone is willing to do the work and maintain. If you or someone else is please open an issue on the repo or join the Matrix channel.

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