GTK XML is fine for RAD tools (Glade, Cambalache , ...) but way too verbose and with too many levels of indentation for hand-writing.

I'm excited to see where Blueprint goes

Technical details; the first prototype was spawning the blueprint-compiler on every change – which would take ~ 700ms to update the real time preview.

I am now using the blueprint language server as a long-running sub-process using the stdio transport and only sending the new text on change.

And since Blueprint ships a language server - we can even get auto-completion, hints and so on !

Very cool @flyingpimonster

@sonny Oh, I was just thinking about this project yesterday!

Suggesting that GTK + Blueprint + GJS provides webdevs pretty much everything they like about the web platform. Thanks for your work!

@sonny this feels like flutter but better, I need gtk but for android :eyes_opposite:

@sonny TIL about Blueprint, it looks neat. Thanks for mentioning it!

@sonny also in my backlog there's “try Workbench” after I saw it mentioned in TWIM a couple of times.

@sonny interesting how similar the syntax of Blueprint is to QML.

@carlschwan @sonny

Definitely! It feels like we finally has a better counterpart to QtQuick.

@sonny That's so cool!

How stable is Blueprint at the moment, by the way?

I would be soo excited to use this in my projects!

@fortressia works great – here is a list of apps making use of it

It also has a very convenient and easy to use porting tool. Check the doc.

There are a couple of things missing but not blockers for me.

@sonny why are there lines obfuscating the text on the left?

@smoldesu sorry I don't know what you mean, could you take a screenshot ?

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