It is implemented as a sub-process which communicates via DBus with the main application.

When activated, the sub-process takes care of rendering the preview as well as building and running the code.

We need to do some cleanups, but we designed and built it in a way that it should be trivial to implement new languages.

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Workbench now supports the programming language for learning and prototyping

Thanks to Lorenz Wildberg !

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The talk schedule is now live! Take a look at all the awesome talks we have lined up and make sure to register:

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And if you wanted to see @kde developers dance with @gnome developers, you should have come to . You still have a chance with 😉

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And since Blueprint ships a language server - we can even get auto-completion, hints and so on !

Very cool @flyingpimonster

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Technical details; the first prototype was spawning the blueprint-compiler on every change – which would take ~ 700ms to update the real time preview.

I am now using the blueprint language server as a long-running sub-process using the stdio transport and only sending the new text on change.

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GTK XML is fine for RAD tools (Glade, Cambalache , ...) but way too verbose and with too many levels of indentation for hand-writing.

I'm excited to see where Blueprint goes

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A new version of Workbench is out featuring

- A brand-new Library of examples
- Platform tools are available from the main menu
- Windows can now be previewed
- The Console can be collapsed
- Allow using DBus and Gio.Application
- Allow using network
- Design improvements
- Various issue and crash fixes

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Productive hacking at LAS today: Jonas managed to get an initial implementation of two-dimensional navigation gestures working 🎉

In the spirit of , I'm looking for someone on site to help me debug a specific bug in my app anyone interested ? Boost appreciated

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Made with @Framasoft, our new animation « What is the #Fediverse ? »
Enjoy and please share it ! 😊

Animation Produced by #LILA - @zemarmot Team
Direction & Animation by Aryeom
Script & Technology by Jehan
Voice by Paul Peterson
Licence : CC-By-SA 4.0

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Progress on Workbench after a beautiful hike in the Alpes.

Workbench now supports real time window previews 🥳

on rails! Hackaton in the train with @tbernard , Jonas and Robert on the way to Italy for hiking and

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