For people using a or a *native* Fediverse app on desktop, is there one that is nice and actively developed? (preferably GUI but I'm open to TUI)
I'm especially interested if it handles multi-accounts well.
I've mostly seen , Gnome-Social and .
Unfortunately the 1st two don't seem active, I've also seen Toot (TUI) but the fact that toot(le) also refer to iOS apps does not help in finding relevant information...

@silmathoron I use Whalebird on desktop. Not sure if it fits your criteria, but it allows me to use Mastodon and get notifications.


Thanks, I remember trying whalebird a long time ago before I went for Sengi, but I can't remember what was missing at the time (though I suspect it was cross-account actions), maybe I'll give it another try to see how it evolved.

@silmathoron I admit that I don't use multiple accounts, so I can't speak to Whalebird on that front. (Though I swear there's an option, but I'm not at my desk right now.)

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