For people using a or a *native* Fediverse app on desktop, is there one that is nice and actively developed? (preferably GUI but I'm open to TUI)
I'm especially interested if it handles multi-accounts well.
I've mostly seen , Gnome-Social and .
Unfortunately the 1st two don't seem active, I've also seen Toot (TUI) but the fact that toot(le) also refer to iOS apps does not help in finding relevant information...

At some point I thought I had a good idea and would use the instance from @fsfe as a web app on my , however it does not work at the moment, I don't know whether it is a temporary problem with the instance or not... Anyone has successfully tried it? I don't know whether it's an issue with Gnome Web or with the instance.

@silmathoron seems to be working, what's the issue? Do you experience the same behavior on the official instance?
(BTW Sengi is not an app made for phone users, but it should work nevertheless)

The page freezes before the timeline are loaded or fails to load.
What's the address of the official instance? I'll check it out. It might also be due to an old Epiphany version, I'll switch to Mobian to test with 42.3

@silmathoron it's here:

But Sengi is a modern PWA, so you'll need a modern browser indeed. 🙂

Actually, your website doesn't even load on Gnome Web 40.2.
And maybe I've too low a bar for modern browsers, but 40.2 is June 2021...

@silmathoron this is strange. Do you have javascript enabled? If so, I'll try to reproduce the issue on my side.

Of course. I'll also ask the people from purism whether there are patches applied to Epiphany on their repo. Anyway, I'm moving to Mobian to check how it goes with the latest version.

@silmathoron I really like tut and have been using it as my primary fedi client for a long time now. It can do multi accounts I think but I have not used that feature.

@silmathoron mostly using pinafore on the browser, but it's lightweight and may not fit your need

Thanks for the feedback, I've never looked into it, though I know of it, but I don't think it support multiple accounts and cross-account actions, does it?

@silmathoron multiple instances supported iirc, try it on to check if it match your need

@silmathoron I use Whalebird on desktop. Not sure if it fits your criteria, but it allows me to use Mastodon and get notifications.

Thanks, I remember trying whalebird a long time ago before I went for Sengi, but I can't remember what was missing at the time (though I suspect it was cross-account actions), maybe I'll give it another try to see how it evolved.

@silmathoron I admit that I don't use multiple accounts, so I can't speak to Whalebird on that front. (Though I swear there's an option, but I'm not at my desk right now.)

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