To the crowd here, has anyone found a CLI tool for that they are happy about?
I'm also fine with something that integrates with a GUI but I would prefer to have only the CLI running all the time in the background (and giving me notifications) to limit RAM usage.
There does not seem to be much available on so I'm happy with answers on any platform (, ...)

I use a flatpak of Signal Desktop on my Librem5. There are some issues, but it is kind of usable:
(I also still need Signal Android to connect Signal Desktop on the Librem 5 to)

@janvlug yes, I know this one, however, I'm looking for a command line interface (CLI) tool, not a GUI :)

@silmathoron exists. I attempted it once myself and it did work, but was not daemonized. You'd have to configure that yourself.

@elagost thanks, I've seen this one but since it was not packaged by anyone I was wondering whether it actually worked or not... hopefully if someone got it to work, they'll reply, otherwise I guess I'll just try it myself.
Its main problem is that it requires dbus so I'm not sure I can get it to work on pmOS... I'll try it on the other distros

@silmathoron I got signal-cli and scli ( to work on my PC. Works quite nicely. Still need to figure out the pmOS situation though. At least on swmo, I do see dbus processes running on the pinephone, so it might work.

That might help, as well as this:
`export DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS="$(cat /dev/shm/user/${UID}/dbus.bus)"`

@silmathoron signal-cli is java based but arch/libc dependent or something... trying to build an apk for aarch64 via qemu. It'll be a while; always is.

Ok, that's where I stopped for the other java-based cli: amount of bloat required to build it was not worth it to me

Ah, cool, I missed this one, will have a look, thanks!

Gurk is by far the most promising option I've seen so far, thanks for recommending.
It will lacks usability on mobile screens and seems to be link-only and not standalone, but since I don't plan to daily-drive ATM, it's not a problem.

@silmathoron I recently read that someone managed to pair Signal Desktop to Axolotl, so PinePhone only is not totally impossible.


I managed pair signal desktop with Axolotl on a Librem5. The most annoying part was the QR code that the desktop app generates that you need to put in Axolotl. But as long as you can convert the QR code content to text you can just copy paste it.


@linmob @silmathoron

Sending a note to self from #signal desktop client to #axolotl on my #librem5
And yes, I am aware that Axolotl is also an electron app ;)

@silmathoron Maybe you could have a signal-matrix bridge, but I couldn't get it to work.
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