I would like to request a bit of hive intelligence:
I want to make a cross-platform application with a backend that can run either as a standalone app or as a .
After a quick check, it seems that would be nice for that.
Anyone has already used it and has positive/negative feedback about it?
Or if you know other tools that you'd rather recommend, I'm also interested.
Boosts welcome :)

@silmathoron Disclaimer: I've never used pywebview though I have checked it several times.

It seems pywebview has some system dependencies and depends on the system webview.

Why not something Qt based like PySide6? You have a "webview", it works fine with pyinstaller, it is battle tested,...

Another option would be electron. Even you could use electron with pyodide and have a webapp (JS/WebAssembly) running python without the hassle of creating installers/bundles for different OSes


@pybonacci yes, I thought about using a standard GUI incorporating only a webview, it just seemed that pywebview was doing this only without having to do any config so kind of a dedicated option for my use...
But I'll definitely keep that option in mind, thanks!
I must say I do not really like Electron apps in general, they usually feel very heavy and integrate poorly with the system, but maybe this comes from bad implementation and could actually be avoided?

@silmathoron You might want to take a look at Flask. It allows you to write REST applications easily in Python (for the backend).

@silmathoron I recommend using a web framework like Django or Flask an then packaging your web application for GUI.

@argosopentech thanks, that's what I'm planning to do, I'm actually wondering what I should use to package it inside a GUI: pywebview was my main option and someone else proposed using the webview object from PySide6.
What would you use?

@silmathoron I haven't used either so not really sure. If you're only running online you could just start with the web app and figure it out later. A lot of mobile browsers give you an option to make an "app" shortcut to a webpage

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