WTF!? pip search has been permanently disabled?
How is that even possible?
Does anybody know more about this and whether it will be reenabled using something other than XMLRPC?

@silmathoron should get you started as there are a number of potential replacements.Here's the github issues thread where the maintainers explain why this service had to be removed:

Thanks for the link to the issue, I was surprised to see they planned to pull the plug even before the issue and that the devs did not seem to consider search as a useful feature 😳

@feoh @silmathoron have they named the "mass consumer" that is causing trouble? if not, they should.

From what I gathered (and that does not really make sense to me, but maybe I'm wrong) it seems they do not know who that is...
I mean I guess if they really did they could sue them for DDoS, could they not?

@silmathoron @rysiek Suing someone in American court of law is neither a quick nor trivial operation and not something to be undertaken lightly. It’s usually far far easier quicker and more efficient to simply find someway to resolve the issue out of court. In this case taking down the service is probably what made the most sense even though it’s tremendously inconvenient for users like you.

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