#NewPipe updates are back in the main @fdroidorg repository.

You can get the latest version 0.20.11 from f-droid.org/packages/org.schab.

We went back to the "normal" #FDroid build process, so these APKs are signed by F-Droid again. If you installed an APK signed by us, you either need to uninstall the APK or add the official NewPipe repository to F-Droid: newpipe.net/FAQ/tutorials/inst


@tobigr @fdroidorg thanks for the heads up!
Out of curiosity, what's the reason why apks cannot be signed with the same key on both repos?

They can, if the builds are reproducible - which means some extra steps to ensure the apk provided by the developer is binary-identical to the one we build. For some reasons, that failed for Newpipe's recent versions. Please see their issue tracker for details. Not their fault, neither ours - "just" some technical problems...

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