Fennec, the open-source version of FF on F-droid does not track anything

@silmathoron @andreas It could really use not using Google as a default search engine, however.

I'll see if it's easy to push a patch.

@panos @andreas very nice, thanks!
Can you let me know? Otherwise just raise an issue and I'll go upvote it.

@panos @andreas arf, just check the F-droid pageand it directly use the Fenix repo, there is no additional patching :'(
They actually say it's still using tracking, though I don't know what they refer too...

@silmathoron @andreas So, it's basically just a build of Firefox but without the trademarks so that the binaries can be passed around...


@panos @andreas yes, and I thought they built it with telemetry disabled but apparently it's not without all of it?

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