#introduction #introductions Hey #fediverse I am finally trying to ditch corporate social media and privacy unfriendly apps. During this internal and very difficult process I have discovered the #decentralized terminology. Here I am to meet you all and why not, bring other folks over to the #fediverseSide! I like to use my social media to pick up information on a wide range of topics such as:
#politics #activism #privacy #security #digitalrights #foss #science #localnews #libreplanet #degoogled


@amarkos welcome here! If you want to read some stuff to get started, you can check write.privacytools.io/bwbjyxib
And look at the FediTips hashtag
Of course you don't have to remember everything from the start, it's just so that you know where to look ;)

@silmathoron Thank you very much for the warm welcome, since I have zero twitter experience, this is all new, exciting but also intimidating to me! Bookmarked your kind help!!

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