On my way to out of GitHub and consorts for code repository, I found to be very promising. I am now looking for an alternative to Travis for .
It seems that proposes CI (man.sr.ht/builds.sr.ht/) but I'm unsure how to use dispatch.sr.ht to integrate with Gitea... anybody knows where a doc/tutorial would be? (or if it works at all)
If it does, I'd like to contribute financially but I'm not sure how much would be enough for say 10 builds/month


After lengthy checks and tests, I finally settled down for for CI thanks to the great responsiveness of the team there when I asked for help. Unfortunately I've had to drop code coverage for now due to an issue in the python library for coveralls and I will probably not be able to check it as easily as before but hopefully it will be possible to fix it soon, at least for commits on the main branch

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