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Hi there! I'm moving here from that I'll keep as an alt, mostly (tbh) because server issues have been ongoing for months, but also because I think a smaller instance that is closer to my interests might be better.
(I was new to the fediverse when i chose mcloud as my instance so that was not the most educated choice).

I'm , interested in (surprise!) and socio-environmental challenges, but also in culture and language.


Have you ever experienced discrimination in AI-enabled hiring?

With our new AI liability rules, we are making it easier for Europeans to get compensation when harmed by AI.

The rules also address harm caused by products like robots, drones or smart-home systems.

I've been skeptical of the idea of technological singularity for a long time. We already have superhuman intelligence in the form of humans augmented by software and the Internet. And we can increase the collective intelligence of the human race exponentially simply by increasing equity. This morning in the shower it occurred to me that technological singularity is really a techbro fantasy about making an end run around this need for greater equity: since we have so far been unwilling to make the changes necessary to enable everyone to contribute, let's just replace humans with AGIs.

I think singularitarianism may even be fundamentally fascist: who decides on the nature of AGIs to let loose on the human race? Who decides whether to allow it at all? Who owns the technological advances the AGIs produce? Who decides how to apply those advances? In Ray Kurzweil's case, the answer is obviously the Great Benevolent Google.

I think it may not be enough to regulate the development of AGI. I suspect we're going to need to think really hard about who should even be allowed to even amass the data and computational power needed to produce such a thing. In fact, I'm not even sure the AGI itself is the threat, but the data and computational power. Being able to run arbitrary inferences across huge datasets is itself dangerous when those datasets contain information from which private information can be derived, even if none of the data in the dataset is itself private.

Here we go !
Inktober Day#01 : Gargoyle.
and a crossover with #illustrationday "itchy" :)

I hope we'll all be able to cross the finish line ;)

Haven't drawn a lot recently so i'll try to do the #inktober challenge 💪
Here is my first drawing of #inktober2022 : gargoyle.

Ça fait longtemps que je n'ai pas dessiné donc je tente de me remettre dans le bain avec l'inktober 💪 voici mon premier dessin (gargouille) #inktober1

#mastoArt #fediArt #illustration #digitalart

#Fediverse ..

An idea for some #fediquette

Some people used #TellFedi in the past, not many..

I propose that besides #AskFedi we start to use #TellFedi for relevant things that may be interesting to many fedizens (or followers).

And that use of this #hashtag also means that "boosts are appreciated" so it avoids having to mention that explicitly, and can be used for those who do not have the #boost emoji (which I don't, for instance).


#Fediverse 👋

A really great list is shaping up on Jonatas Baldin's #delightful curated list of Libre Hosters. Check'em out here:

when the Computer was created, heroes vowed to end its malevolent reign. the only thing powerful enough to destroy the Computer? a type of advanced weapon called Software. the battle has been ongoing for decades, with the Computer fending off all manner of assaults, and growing exponentially more powerful. but soon, the end is in sight. our heroes have the upper hand. we have mighty stacks of Software, tall as castles. soon the Computer will slow to a crawl, and its evil will be stopped forever

We've just published a new blog post that includes the presentation we did for the italian privacyweek (recorded again in english)
🔥 blog post ->
📹 presentation on loom ->

With the recent announcement that #Stadia is shuttering, this comic is once again very relevant:

Any suggestions for a Linux-friendly ultra low power laptop?

#Linux #Laptop #LowPower #Solar

NEW! We've added a roadmap for our journey to Thunderbird on Android. See what we've already delivered and what we're currently working on with @k9mail:

@smallcircles (Humane Tech Now) Hey! NodeInfo2 was a fork of NodeInfo (the one you linked) to address some shortcomings of NodeInfo, which were rejected by the original author based on the reason of "you should have submitted these earlier, too late now".

They are incompatible versions. Some platforms support NodeInfo2 though most platforms in the fediverse use NodeInfo I think. You can find the fork at .

I wanted to create a standard that would replace both with something that works for all kinds of social sites, based on the learnings of NodeInfo and NodeInfo2 , and maintaining The Federation and working in the Matrix ecosystem, but it never picked up interest and then Feneas died. That attempt can be found at .

I am fully back on a 24v system running largely from

My system failed in late 2021 with no replacement parts to be had, so spent the last 9 months on a 12v battery and victron MPPT charger.

For the last few weeks, I ran half my panels on the 12v system with the victron MPPT charger, and half on the electrodacus SBMS0...

Much to my surprise, the MPPT did not outperform the SBMS0, but at least MPPT was more expensive, complicated and proprietary!

I like the way non-users can see the trending posts etc in Explore, it gives them a better feel for what they might see on the server and the Fediverse.

However, one thing greatly concerns me about this new landing page, the server's identity is invisible to outsiders. There's no longer any custom picture or custom intro text, and it would make servers look identical.

It's also quite hard to see the "about this server" link to look up more info including the server's rules.

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We received some reports that, our flagship instance, is being blocked in #Iran.

In case of issues accessing our instance remember you can use another one, just pick it from our public instances list:

#network #censorship #circumvention

The #EuropeanCommission asks for #feedback for the "Designing mobile phones and tablets to be sustainable – #ecodesign" initative until tonight 23:59 Brussels time.

I just gave mine, highlighting the importance of the "Universal right to install any software on any device" and an obligation to publish device's drivers, tools, and interfaces as #FreeSoftware is now the , with pixelfed and gotosocial coming soon

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