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Hi there! I'm moving here from that I'll keep as an alt, mostly (tbh) because server issues have been ongoing for months, but also because I think a smaller instance that is closer to my interests might be better.
(I was new to the fediverse when i chose mcloud as my instance so that was not the most educated choice).

I'm , interested in (surprise!) and socio-environmental challenges, but also in culture and language.


Ever heard of uBlock Origin? It’s an efficient ad, tracker & malware blocker for various browsers ! And of course, it’s FOSS. Many thanks to Raymond Hill, founder & original author of uBlock !

We're very happy to announce that #CalyxInstitute is going to fund some work on improving our build and release infrastructure.

"Record-breaking heatwaves in north-west India and Pakistan have been made 100 times more likely by the climate crisis, according to scientists. The analysis means scorching weather once expected every three centuries is now likely to happen every three years.

The region is currently suffering intense heat, with the Indian capital New Delhi setting a new record on Sunday above 49C and the peak temperature in Pakistan reaching 51C. Millions of people are suffering from crop losses, and water and power outages.


#ClimateCrisis #ClimateCatastrophe
#KlimaKrise #KlimaKatastrophe

Congestion control eliminates the speed limit of current Tor and reduces latency by minimizing queue lengths at relays. Congestion control brings significant performance improvements and increased utilization of our network capacity. Learn more:

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I have now created a repo on Codeberg with the wiki, where I'll put all gathered knowledge over the next days:

cc @garlic_onions

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How much money did the Thunderbird project earn in 2021? (Spoiler: it was a terrific year!)
How much money was spent? What's left in the bank? And how do all those numbers impact our team and the future of Thunderbird?

Find out in our new blog post:

📢 #WeAreHiring
1⃣You have #IT #projectmanagement in your little finger?
2⃣Thinking of setting up Data Centre infrastructures does not freak you out?
We like where this is going! Go ahead and apply by 21 June for our newest #ProjectLeader position 👉!3pFxq4

CSAM Scanning: EU Commission's lies uncovered - Surveillance will not save the children. We have analyzed our telecommunication surveillance orders. Data shows that the EU's CSAM scanning will not have the intended effect 👉

With #PeerTube, upload and import your videos in any format 📩 : upload from the web (YouTube, Dailymotion), from a torrent file, or even an audio file & an image and Peertube will create the video!
👉 #FreeTheCreators

The FSF is hiring! Please see the following page for information about the full-time licensing and compliance manager, full-time program manager, and part-time bookkeeper positions:

Linux people, I am hiring systems administrators! We work with scientific data, containers, big-ass tape libraries, supercomputers, and everything in between. We pay relocation, and you'd even get an actual honest-to-god pension.

Any dragon lovers out there? Here are five of mine. I have several dragon paintings in my shop and my 2020 calendar was ALL dragons! I'll be putting a few new dragons in my new book, Seas Of Strangehollow launching next month! for all links and newsletter too! #MastoArt #dragon #dragons #painting #fantasyart

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