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Hi there! I'm moving here from @silmathoron that I'll keep as an alt, mostly (tbh) because server issues have been ongoing for months, but also because I think a smaller instance that is closer to my interests might be better.
(I was new to the fediverse when i chose mcloud as my instance so that was not the most educated choice).

I'm , interested in (surprise!) and socio-environmental challenges, but also in culture and language.


I think crossposting (e.g., between Mastodon and Twitter) is a great idea to distribute your content and stay active in multiple networks, but crossposting should always exclude formats that don't translate well or lose context, such as retweets/retoots, @-mentions and replies. Is there a crossposting tool that automatically removes these?

Funkwhale is looking for new maintainers

Funkwhale is continuing looking for new maintainers.Who is intresting in becoming new maintainer for Funkwhale?

A blog article above is written by @funkwhale .

Dear #lazyweb, how does one see which instances federate with which other instances in the fediverse?

So, what are we about? 23 orgas, over 13.000 people and counting.

We're simply worried about the massive deployment of biometric surveillance tech such as facial recognition cams. It's secretive, it's unlawful, it's inhumane.

We are calling for a BAN on biometric mass surveillance. In February 2021 we are launching an ECI (European Citizen Initiative) aimed at the European Commission.

Get involved and #ReclaimYourFace!

CryptPad v4.0 is now available on GitHub

Some highlights aside from the new logo and look 👇

Guppe has been updated with automatic cert management thanks to the brilliant mind of @aral and I fixed the "active groups" query on the homepage to use the most recent 10K posts instead of the first 10K posts 😅

moderation stuff, not meta 

like. okay.

you can't have a multiple strikes policy when it comes to racism.

it can't be, "oh they said something racist but it was the first time, so they get to stay, I'm just going to give them a slap on the wrist"

these people will actively undermine and ruin your spaces.

Dear F-Droid contributors, if you still have your apps' descriptions inside our YAML metadata, please note the old Wiki-style formatting has been abandoned (documentation has been updated: Use "simple" HTML formatting instead – and ideally move your descriptions to Fastlane 😍

@maltimore Fun fact: this account has more followers than the one on Twitter.

Which one do you use?

The #Bluesky report of #twitter is out !

“Working virtually through the pandemic, this group self-organized, invited additional experts, and created a review of the ecosystem around protocols for social media. You can read it here:” #activitypub #fediverse

[ works best in Firefox ] 2021 starts this weekend! If you're attending make sure to check out the talks from our Foundation Staff. You can join both on Mon, Jan 25.

Molly de Blanc is giving an intro to Ethics from an Ethicist-in-Training at 10:45 am (AEDT):

Neil McGovern dives into patent lawsuits and response strategies from the Foundation at 4:40 pm (AEDT):

1/ In defense of . Yes, I'm a guy that just posted a roundup of distributed/mesh messengers of which was obviously not part. I am really excited about the potential of those.

But to the general public, I still recommend Signal. Here's why.

The power management on Android is making our life harder with each new version.

We summarized what we've learned over the years in the hope that it will be helpful for others: #AndroidDev

Small is Beautiful – live stream – starts in half an hour: a meta look at our live streaming setup 🤓

#SmallIsBeautiful #smalltech

We're about to deploy our 4.0 release. Don't get scared if the logo changes :)

some remote accounts like can't be followed from #mastodon ?

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