It's and here are some related accounts maybe worth following:

@Le_bottin_des_jeux_linux shares libre games and gamedev tools every day.

@game_programming shares gamedev related articles/tutorials.

@blender_channel Blender's official PeerTube account, sharing videos.

@unfa Linux sound/music artist, now making a nice game in

@gamingonlinux Linux gaming news!

Also, is a Mastodon instance focused on gaming, run by @gamemakingtools


And here are some on Mastodon, also worth following:

@play0ad : Amazing RTS strategy game.

@Minetest : Minetest-inspired game / game engine (free and open source!)

@veloren Multiplayer voxel RPG

@FreeRCT Free and open source RollerCoasterTycoon-inspired game

@sigsegv @quiltmc is an open source mod loader for Minecraft, recently entered beta.

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