Retro pre-rendered backgrounds, in Unity WIP!

This effect is similar to what was used in some older 3D games. It can be used as a faster way of rendering scenes with a complex background, or as a way to allow you to hand-draw the backgrounds.
1. Render background to a colour texture and depth texture
2. Save prerendered colour/depth textures
3. (optional) Artist: Modify colour texture. You can hand draw-like I did.
4. Import and blit textures to main render targets

The new High Definition (scriptable) Render Pipeline makes this much more convenient to implement! 😁 I use two custom render passes for it: one for pre-rendering, and one for blitting the colour texture onto the colour render target, and the depth texture onto the main depth RT.

(obviously, if you're good at drawing it can look more nice than this ugly screenshot)

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