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Some interesting facts about Genesis-3D, the I'm porting to Linux:
- Shaders are written in CG/GLSL language, and on builds converted to GLSL using "hlsl2glslfork", which was previously used by engine. The GLSL shaders are then optimised using the same tool as Unity used as well (developed by one of their devs)
- Nvidia PhysX is used for physics, but can be optionally disabled.
- OpenAL is used for audio.

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Programming blog update! 🎉
Oxygine’s “tween” sprite animation system: A clever use of templates!

Today I study how Oxygine implemented its "Tween" sprite animation system. Be prepared for some template-headache 😁 (my favourite kind of headache).

Oh and btw, if you're a C++ developer who is into 2D games, I recommend taking a look at Oxygine!

, my favourite when I was at high school, just re-released 😁

The town is over-populated with player stores everywhere - just as I remember it :D

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1000+ sites have been imported from Google Analytics to Plausible since we introduced our GA importer ❤️

Realtime dashboard ✅
Landing pages report ✅
Import old stats ✅
Open source ✅
Cookies ⛔️
Surveillance capitalism ⛔️

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Data protection: Microsoft 365 banned in Baden-Württemberg’s schools!

As we have seen in BW, in time it’s a likely prediction that more states in Germany and in countries abroad will follow suit and look for a suitable, GDPR compliant solution. Read more!

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Hatchwell now has Steam Achievements!

Don't worry if you played before the update! The game will unlock achievements you may have missed!

Hatchwell is still 15% off on Steam! 😁

#gamedev #indiegame #arpg #pixelart #gamemaker #indiedev

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please share:

so on Twitter someone complained about missing queerness / queer compatibility in games and in the following thread the typical "I have great ideas but can't code" evolved. Well I can code this time I have a good feeling, so

is anyone here willing to commit some time and errort into a queer-friendly game? we can use all kinds of resources.
If a handful of people are willing to commit, I will make this an actual project with serious planning.

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Bit of a newsflash: some people seem to think Mastodon is *only* for people who don't like company / service X, Y, Z.

Guess what? Mastodon is for everyone and anyone.

Don't confuse your thoughts, with those of everyone else.

When we advertise that we're available on Discord, Telegram, Google News etc it's not a suggestion that those are *only* where we are, or that they are the *best*.

Some people need to get a grip.

Trying out Unciv, a inspired by Covilization 5. It's mostly made for mobile but can be played on desktop as well. Looks fun so far! :)

How would you tag a farm that is mainly used as a tourist attraction (for kids)? We have a few of these in Norway. It's like a normal farm, but they make (at least partly) a living from paying visitors.

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Aaaaahhhh! Got 5 reviews already! 😱 Half of that magic number! Thank you!

If you played and liked the game, please consider leaving a review 🥰

If you haven't yet, Hatchwell is 15% off on Steam!

#gamedev #pixelart #arpg #gamemaker #indiegame #indiedev #zeldalike

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Come join the second official #rpginabox game jam and have fun creating! The deadline is now May 30th. You can even use the free demo version, and the winner receives a free copy of RPG in a Box!
#voxel #gamedev #indiedev #indiegame #indiegames

Playing Hatchwell, which was just released on Steam:

This game looks and feels so nice :D I definitely recommend you to try it. It runs great on Proton btw.

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I'm setting myself a challenge for this weekend: make a game for NES. I know nothing about it yet and I'll try to share every new discovery here.

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Have you met @alecaddd?

Alex is our lead UX architect, and a driving force behind the modernized look coming to Thunderbird 114 "Supernova."

He can also be seen doing live coding sessions on his YouTube channel.

He's a great person to follow if you want a glimpse into the future of Thunderbird.

Plus he's just a really cool person.

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I wrote about optimizing the new C++ based Blender OBJ importer, and it accidentally ventured into calling conventions topic.

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Wait, you're saying that you want to hear me tell the same joke but in a 5 minute lightning talk?

Funny you should ask.

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Question about :
How do licenses for screenshots of open source projects work?
If I take a screenshot form a game released under GPL/MIT/etc and I want to upload it somewhere, do I need to share it under the same license as the game?

If so, what about games that use assets of different license? 🤯

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Photos show the old Žvėrynas Bridge and the Mindaugas Bridge in Vilnius, a fountain in Šiauliai, the Commission's Representation in Vilnius

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I feel like Goof Troop is a forgotten gem. It was easily one of my favourite games, and really fun to play with a friend (I played it with my cousin a lot). Anyone else here who has good memories from this game?

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