These guys are great if you need a laptop that's 100% #linux compatible (which is getting more and more difficult every year).

TUXEDO Computers

Wait a minute.... Modern laptops can be incompatibke with Linux? :blobscream:

@LukeAlmighty Unfortunately, it gets worse and worse every year. You can buy two laptops with exactly same model number, one of them works perfectly and the second one has WiFi or Bluetooth that cannot be made to work in Linux. Why? Because the fuckers changed the hardware in the middle of the manufacturing run and didn't tell anyone. So if you say "My Toshiba ABCXYZ runs Linux perfectly", it means shit today.


@fuxoft @LukeAlmighty that's true now with chip shortage. We work closely with Linux teams in Dell and Lenovo and they are pretty unhappy about it because they put whatever wifi adapter they manage to get into their laptops now.
But other than that the situation has improved greatly. Both Dell and Lenovo now have a policy that their suppliers have to ensure support in mainline Linux for 5 years to be accepted in the supply chain.

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