Assurances from authorities in our country has an pretty upsetting development:
First "Testing capacity is sufficient."
Then "Hospital capacity is sufficient."
Now "Crematory capacity is sufficient."

@sesivany The problem is they never clearly said sufficient for what. Lot of people assumed that the goal was to minimize number of infections but that was never the case. The only goal this bunch of psychopathic cowards (Dušek, Blatný, Černý, Babiš, Rážová, Roháčová...) ever had was to keep a hospital bed ready for you when you get sick. That's it. They never said thousands of people won't die in the process. In that light, these assurances make sense.

We're beyond sufficient crematories already 😔

@tpheine Here one region was beyond that, too, but they came up with a system to "balance the load". A sad shift from balancing the load between hospitals.

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