Real estate tax declaration in 🇨🇿 is a sad story: I spent 1 hours filling out a form with data the government already has. Someone will manually check it and then send me a payment order with 65 CZK.
The entire process could be automated and I could just spend 1 minute on QR payment.
Is that too much to ask in 2021?

Toolbox přináší jednoduchý způsob, jak si udělat základní prostředí s Red Hat Enterprise Linuxem.

I see so many colleagues complain about problems with Big Sur on memo-list that it seems like is now the boring option in the company's OS mix. 🙂

When you take a kid sledding and she falls asleep in the process. 😀

has gained 25 million new users in the last 72 hours. The dynamics of online services are crazy when you put them in perspective. It's 2.5x of all citizens of our country. In just 3 days. 🤯

DevConf.CZ schedule is Live You can register here:
* 200+ Speakers
* 145+ Talks
* 4 Keynotes
* 16 workshops
* 9 meetups
...all over 3 days

Ongoing discussions regarding Digital Services Act cannot accept thinking out-of-box. Our whole society is trapped in discussions about how to regulate the big, centralized platforms, rather than give the opportunity to expand for decentralized platforms like Mastodon.

I by no means wanna promote Parler, but the current situation around it nicely shows how with an you are not really in control of your device.

Wanna install the Parler app? You can still install an APK from their website on . On an iPhone? Sorry, no way.

IMHO you as a user should ultimately be in control of what you install on your device even when it may not be the best idea like Parler.

Looks like everyone is deleting their accounts now. To avoid the neccesity of doing that I've never created one in the first place.

Assurances from authorities in our country has an pretty upsetting development:
First "Testing capacity is sufficient."
Then "Hospital capacity is sufficient."
Now "Crematory capacity is sufficient."

We had a laptop we didn't use much, so we decided to donate it. I installed on it and we gave it to a foster family today.
If you have such hardware at home, consider donating it. What just sits in your drawyer may enable a kid to participate in schooling.

If you don't wanna look for who to donate it to, you can use a program for that. In 🇨🇿 we have e.g. or

You wanted a "faster" #RHEL and you're getting it for free with #CentOS #Stream. You wanted a bleeding edge Linux Distro with the backing of someone with experience. You get #Fedora. For free. You want support, SLAs and long term stability? Get a #RedHat Subscription. Simple.

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