HATS OFF to Red Hat Enterprise #Linux 9! The latest major release of #RHEL is now available for download.


Když jdete na poštu, nemusíte hypnotizovat monitor s pořadovými čísly a přepážkami. Pokud máte jejich aplikaci, vložíte číslo lístku do ní a mobil vás upozorní, až budete na řadě. Můžete tak klidně čekat venku na čerstvém vzduchu.
Pěkně, Česká pošto!

The poorer half of the Russian population is worse off than in times of late Soviet Union while the richest are 252x richer.
It's always puzzled me how far left in the West could side with such a regime.

Opensourcing the kernel driver is really timely. Considering the crash of the crypto markets I assume there will be a lot of used GPUs on sale soon. 😀

S novou Fedorou přichází také nový Media Writer, který vám na Linuxu, Windows a Macu pomůže připravit instalační médium. Pracoval na něm Evžen Gasta, který vám ho představuje v dnešním článku: mojefedora.cz/predstaveni-nove

If you're running @nextcloud on #fedora, you'll want to upgrade to #Nextcloud 24 before upgrading to Fedora 36 or else you'll get a php compatibility error. I was able to hack the versioncheck.php to override it and upgrade to 24 and then everything was OK, but you'll have a much easier time upgrading nextcloud first.

36 and 9 are interestingly released on the same day. I wonder if there was any synchronization I'm not aware of or if it was pure coincidence. 🤔

Folks who tried #Linux on the desktop a long time ago and haven't looked at it recently: if you can, give Fedora a try. It's so good.


Party time! (Well, actually — the party is on Friday and Saturday. See you there?)

36 včera dostala zelenou a vyjde v úterý!
Taky se nemůžete dočkat? Instalační obrazy už jsou k dispozici. 👇

Fedora Linux 36 is GO for release next Tuesday!

Now I've got everything to build a network in the new house.

54% off Yubikeys when you purchase 2. If you haven't made the plunge to 2FA, today would be a good day to start.


Quick poll: do you use the GNOME Online Accounts functionality?

Finally got hands on this delightful device. It looks and feels really great. If I didn't have small kids who keep me busy all the time, I'd be ordering one in no time.

RT @Nextclouders@twitter.com

📢 Nextcloud Hub 24 is here!

🙋 User migration
🔒 Smart file locking
🚀 4x lower DB load
💬 Reactions & media tab in Talk
😍 Reply to calls & messages in Desktop client
📩 Undo send & schedule emails
📝 Tables, infoboxes & more in Text & Collectives!


🐦🔗: twitter.com/Nextclouders/statu

The house is finally getting its shape.
I can't wait for it to be finished to get my life back.

It'd be extra exciting if this header image had the old logo above the tear and the new one below. Oh well. :) techrepublic.com/?p=3967590 via @TechRepublic

Not sure if there’s been a more recent update but this post on the future (and past) of Fedora Silverblue is very informative if you’re interested in learning more about this immutable OS that I’m loving so far.


#fedora #silverblue

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