Home fotovoltaic in September: still covers 85% of our consumption even with heating on (🌡️ goes down to 0°C in nights already). Even in the shittiest weather it covered at least 50%. And we still have 6.5 kW, waiting for expansion to 8.6 kW which should improve the numbers.

There is a book exchange at @openalt and look what I found: more than two decades old book on GIMP by @jimmac. A real treasure. 🤩

We have a booth at a conference after a 3-year pause. It's great to be back among people.

Pokud byste chtěli vývojářům poskytnout data, jak používáte systém s @gnome, a pomoct ho tak v budoucnu vylepšit, čas máte už jen do pondělí. Jak na to v našem článku. 👇

Konference @openalt se tento víkend po třech letech vrací ve své tradiční podobě a Fedora u toho nemůže chybět. Zastavte se u nás na stánku na kus řeči nebo pro nějakou věc s Fedorou. Moc se na vás těšíme!

Many people ask, "Can you sell free software?" The answer is "Yes, the GPL allows everyone to do this. The right to sell copies is part of the definition of free software." Read the full answer at u.fsf.org/3kq #GNUGPLFAQ

The guy who is installing solar panels on our house sent me a contract in an electronically signed PDF. I added my electronic signature and sent it back. That's it. No awkward exchange of papers by mail etc. Why can't this be a norm in 2022?

This has been a major disservice to open source software. Offering 11-year-old, barely security-patched software to misinformed users. Nothing to be proud of, Foundation.

Autory @gnome by zajímalo, jak jej lidé používají, proto vytvořili jednoduchý nástroj, pomocí kterého jim to můžete dát vědět, a pomoct tak vylepšit budoucí vydání.

Just checked Electricity Map and the carbon intensity of electricity production in Poland is absolutely hellish. 😀

I've used Duck Duck Go for a while, but it's been letting me down lately, so I took a look at private search engines, and landed on one I like, here's the rundown of what I tried!

#privacy #Linux


The end price of kWh for my tariff at 8pm today is 25.20 CZK (€1.02) at the energy exchange.

This winter is going to be wild.

5 full days with solar panels, mixed weather (one rainy day, the rest partly cloudy or sunny).
Total consumption: 123 kWh and only 5.4 kWh from the grid, >95% reduction.
It saved almost 2000 CZK ($83) in just 5 days and I can't even sell surpluses yet.
Last but not least: 55kg of CO2 saved.

:facebook: 🕵🏻 Gave Nebraska Cops A Teen's DMs So They Could Prosecute Her For Having An

"A month before Celeste was charged, Mark , CEO of Facebook parent , was asked by employees how the company will protect those seeking abortions. Zuckerberg replied that efforts to expand across the platform will 'keep people safe'."


These are "genuine" original Samsung batteries from legit EU online stores. They lasted for a few months and now decided to blow out. There is absolutely no difference between this and what you can get from AliExpress.
I really wish vendors opened official stores with replacement parts.

Myslíte si, že s flatpaky zabírá na disku víc místa než tradiční Fedora Workstation postavená na RPM? @castrojo napadlo si to prostě porovnat. 👇

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