I appreciate that gives us extra time off in the form of quarterly recharge days, but I have to add that there is no such thing as a recharge day when you have two small kids at home. 🤯

In covid times a recharge day for me is when I can go to the office and focus on my work for the whole day.

A lesson learnt from today's installfest: if you wanna shrink an encrypted partition make sure you have the recovery key because that's what will require after the operation to get back in.

And as always: backup, backup, backup. 😉

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy was published 42 years ago today.

I was not ready for this, but the Czech parliament election results deserve champagne. A supermarket to the rescue. ✌️

Played 2022 a bit yesterday and I think it will make history as one of the worst updates of a game franchise ever. Guys at EA Sports must be laughing their asses off.

Podívejte se na návod, jak ve Fedoře vyřešit požadavek "podepište a pošlete nám to naskenované zpět" zcela digitálně. 👇

I purchased this book in 1997. It only took me 24 years to finally get to read it. 😄

I'm hearing that was pretty underwhelming and perhaps it was, but there is one thing I wanna highlight and praise for: iPhone 6s will get iOS 15 which means it will be supported for at least 7 years.
With some Android vendors already at 5 years it's a great trend to see!

92 for Android now supports Web Authentication API which means it finally works with and hardware tokens. \o/

I really like the new app profiles in @gnome Software, but rating apps with network access as potentially unsafe? Which apps don't have network access these days? And labeling pretty much all apps as potentially unsafe doesn't send very reassuring signals about the platform.

Wanna help speed up the transition to zero carbon economy? Wanna offset your carbon footprint or put pressure on carbon emitters? makes it really easy to buy EU emission allowances. 👇

@matomocamp is the first online event developed by and for the #matomo community. 🙌 👨‍💻 👩‍💻

📢 To all the #matomo users out there: we are still looking for proposals, you can still join the stage share your expertise about @Matomo

You can APPLY here: matomocamp.org/call-for-partic

Notebook je unikátní konceptem maximální opravitelnosti a upgradovatelnosti. Nyní má také skvělou podporu Fedory.

It's surprisingly difficult to find decent small (<9") Android tablets. It seems like this segments has been completely abandonded by tablet vendors.
In the end I picked Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, but with a lot of compromises.

Jak se vyvíjí uživatelská základna Fedory, které varianty a architektury jsou nejpopulárnější? Máme pro vás statistiky z přednášky State of Fedora od @mattdm:

Apparently #Wire wants to #free its product from #Google to bring it to #FDroid and they're "looking for a contractor who can handle an older scala codebase, and has experience around app notification processes".


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