We took our kids to a Dinopark today. The picture explains better than a thousand words how our two-year-old was excited. 😄

Flatpak, the project itself, is now on OpenCollective. If you like how far it has come and would like to see development continue please consider donating them a couple bucks.


#flatpak #linux

GitHub Desktop is now available for Linux via Flathub! 🎉️

Thanks to everyone who made this possible; now GitHub-using users of elementary OS have the official client available to them without having to ever touch the Terminal. flathub.org/apps/details/io.gi

After more than a year of preparations and countless hours spent over blueprints we finally kicked off construction of our new home today. 💪

I enrolled to Google's Advanced Protection Program last year. It seemed like a good idea. But it cut me from my favorite email client and I have gradually become fed up with Gmail web UI. The message threading is a nightmare.
Unenrolling and going humbly back to Evolution.

Úroveň služeb level Česká pošta: objednáte si večerní doručení, balík dovezou v 11:40 a ještě po vás chtějí doplatek 25 Kč za večerní doručení.

Dnes si můžete přečíst, jak používá Fedoru @jimmac, dlouholetý designér @gnome, na jehož práci se pravděpodobně díváte každý den. 👇

My first contract signed by an electronic signature.
I see that the stamp has the same problem as PDF forms in poppler: no non-ascii characters. 🙈

Narazili jste někdy na to, že má některá aplikace příliš benevolentní nebo naopak příliš přísná oprávnění? Flatseal vám pomůže s jejich úpravou.

When DVDs were still a thing. Today 9 years ago 160 kg of were delivered to our office.
No wonder it was Beefy Miracle.

We are doing mobile desking in the office, so I'm trying to work on a 13" laptop without any peripherals. I thought it'd be hard, but @gnome 40 is such a joy to use with just a touchpad.

Používáte Bluetooth sluchátka? Máme pro vás pár rad, jak z nich dostat ještě víc: lepší zvuk v režimu headsetu, lepší zvuk se zařízeními, která umí jen kodek SBC, hlášení stavu baterie.


Today 5 years ago 12 people founded Nextcloud to create a complete Free and Open Source alternative to centralise proprietary cloud services and open core competitors. Together we achieved a lot more then what I dreamed of. Thanks to everyone who is contributing.

I just realized my mom's laptop (T400s) is already 12 years old. Over time I upgraded RAM (3->6 GB), bought a new SSD and battery and it runs the latest Workstation just fine.
That's over with the "postPC" era and its zero upgradability. E.g. who is using iPad 1 which is still 1 year younger than my mom's laptop as a daily driver these days?
Generally it's not great news for the environment.

A useful tip for @gnome users: you can get the menu with window settings by pressing Alt+Space.
removed decorations from the video call window and it was driving me crazy that I couldn't right-click anywhere and set "Always on top". Thanks, @jimmac , you're a lifesaver.

So I finally got vaccinated. I suppose arms now work as antennas, but no matter how I position them I only get 30 Mbps. Frankly, I was expecting way better speeds from 5G. Is it going to improve after the second shot?

I bought a out of curiosity. I couldn't find use for it for a long time, haven't lost keys in like 20 years. Now it's paired with my security key. I guess losing that would cause more damage than losing apartment keys these days. 🙂

The first 🍛 and 🍺 in a restaurant since the last summer.
Life is becoming good again.

They say men don't cry, but you just can't stop a tear or two of joy when you're finally in a quiet office after working from literally the middle of kid playground for 432 bloody days. 🥲

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