First time running any sort of AMD hardware – let alone the CPU *and* GPU – and gotta say, I'm blown away with the open source drivers.

It's night and day between AMDGPU and the proprietary nonsense Nvidia puts out. No Wayland compatibility issues and Cities Skylines is running the same/better in Arch than Windows (!!!).

@samvtran I'm looking forward to changing my Intel/Nvidia machine for a full AMD one. I have been reading a lot of good things from AMD open drivers

@samvtran Yeah, is like using native GNU/Linux hardware.

Because it is, you'll never have to configure anything, it's the opposite of what Nvidia means on GNU/Linux.

But people still buy Nvidia... sad.

@samvtran Right?! I had the same aha moment (also with AMD CPU & GPU).

I originally went with AMD for their policy towards open source, thinking "yeah, the performance would be meh, but at least I'll feel good". Oh how my mind was blown!

@samvtran I have an AMD Kaveri A8-7600 APU and NVIDIA GTX 960. I need to upgrade both my CPU and GPU when I get a job soon as an IT specialist.

@samvtran when the T495 comes out I'm tempted to get one for personal use. goodness in a traditional chassis!

Hey can you tell me something. How did you put fedora logo next to your username?

@Sujee @samvtran hi! On it's one of the custom emojis that's available from the web interface

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