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The cutest design decision I've seen in awhile. If Piper doesn't have an image for your mouse, it uses an *actual* mouse for button mappings 😍

First time running any sort of AMD hardware – let alone the CPU *and* GPU – and gotta say, I'm blown away with the open source drivers.

It's night and day between AMDGPU and the proprietary nonsense Nvidia puts out. No Wayland compatibility issues and Cities Skylines is running the same/better in Arch than Windows (!!!).

Now that the OMG! Ubuntu! redesign is out, there's a new share button powered by the Web Share API that, if supported by your browser, can share to Mastodon via your favorite Tooting app :mastodon: :party_parrot:

Nothing like taking a week-long staycation for the first time god, ever?!

If nothing else I've come out of this little break with my burnout meter a little lower, a newfound love of Mastodon, and some ideas for fulfilling, FOSS side projects ☺️

The Washington Post: Parliament votes on what sort of Brexit it wants
Parliament votes on what sort of Brexit it wants

Standardizing WASI: A system interface to run WebAssembly outside the web – Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog

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