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Congratulations to our researcher @AlexBakas@twitter.com for having his paper on Function Hiding accepted as a poster at the 21st International Conference on Cryptology and Network Security ( 2022).

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In which a blogger finds the private key used to sign Hyundai car software updates … by googling it. They used a key pair from a popular tutorial. 😂😂😂

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IBM's got talent (aye, aye)

The Pirates of the CSIDH salute ye, @KhanhCrypto@twitter.com, Maxime (and extras Sebastian, @BootleJonathan@twitter.com, Patrick, Vadim, @gregor_seiler@twitter.com)


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It is 2022, and your computer now runs at 3 MHz.

“Do you mean 3 GHz?”

Nope! A malicious hyperthread can make shared libraries run up to ~1000x slower, resulting in a huge SNR boost for side-channel attacks.

[HyperDegrade, by @acaldaya@twitter.com]

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Today we disclose ÆPIC Leak: Architecturally Leaking Uninitialized Data from the Microarchitecture 🔥
It is the *first* architectural CPU bug able to leak sensitive data from the cache hierarchy: like an uninitialized read but in the CPU itself.


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Today we are in Tampere and online for the third regular meeting! Thanks @NISEC_TAU@twitter.com for hosting us!

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Happy to be in Tampere with our partners in @SPIRSProject@twitter.com . Thanks to @NISEC_TAU@twitter.com for hosting us!

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A very productive meeting at Tampere. We have got a solid basis and better companions to get a very successful project. Cheers for @SPIRSProject@twitter.com

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We are presenting some members of the consortium in @SPIRSProject@twitter.com. We start with some members of CSIC-IMSE at @IMSECNM@twitter.com in the laboratory of hardware security.

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NISEC student @CesarPereidaG@twitter.com defends his this Friday, 11 Feb, noon EET. We are honored to have @yuvalyarom@twitter.com as opponent! Special thanks to @BloodyTangerine@twitter.com and @danpag3@twitter.com for their pre-examiner roles. urn.fi/URN:ISBN:978-952-03-228 Unfortunately remote-only due to COVID.

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First results of the task 2.1 (Design of a silicon RoT) presented today by @macarenac_mr@twitter.com in the DCIS’2021 conference

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📣 Happy to announce that "OpenSSLNTRU: Faster post-quantum TLS key exchange" has been accepted at @USENIXSecurity 2022! 🎉

Exciting collaboration with @hashbreaker, @NISEC_TAU Billy Bob Brumley, & Ming-Shing Chen!

:OpenAccess: Visit opensslntru.cr.yp.to for updated demo, FOSS artifacts, & preprint!

Happy to announce that "OpenSSLNTRU: Faster post-quantum TLS key exchange" has been accepted at @USENIXSecurity@twitter.com 2022!
Exciting collaboration with @hashbreaker@twitter.com, @NISEC_TAU@twitter.com Billy Bob Brumley, & Ming-Shing Chen!
opensslntru.cr.yp.to for demo, FOSS artifacts, & preprint!

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Congrats to NISEC's @CesarPereidaG@twitter.com! "Size, Speed, and Security: An Ed25519 Case Study" to appear at 2021! Joint work with Sampo Sovio.
eprint.iacr.org/2021/471 events.tuni.fi/nordsec2021/

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"HyperDegrade: From GHz to MHz Effective CPU Frequencies" to appear @USENIXSecurity@twitter.com Congrats to @acaldaya@twitter.com! Updated

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The co-located Summer School "ASCRYPTO" will cover lattices, isogenies, elliptic curves and much more, with a great lineup of speakers: @Jebus_dguez@twitter.com, @armfazh@twitter.com, Riad S. Whaby, Thomas Prest, Alice Pellet-Mary and @CryptoOrrDun@twitter.com: urosario.edu.co/ascrypto/home/ @CarlaRafols@twitter.com

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I've just successfully defended my thesis: "Exploiting Microarchitectural Optimizations from Software" which can be found online here mlq.me/download/phd-thesis.pdf Thanks to all my colleagues and friends, especially @misc0110@twitter.com and @lavados@twitter.com, for a wonderful and unforgettable time!

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