Academic confs spending money booking 5-star hotels/resorts for the venue, then holding sessions without microphones or video recording :(

A striking difference between practictioner and academic confs. I'd rather have them in a uni campus with better infra.


Sometimes it's hard to justify a design with "trust me, it will make things cleaner later on", especially when it blocks so many "clever" additions ("but we could fix so many special use-cases by adding a Turing-complete escape hatch!") but it pays to resist the temptation.

"Clever" and "elegant" in programming are two very different things in my book. Let's thread!

the least interesting post ever 

Tamgu, a functional, imperative, logical programming language

(submitted by clauderoux)

On second though, this doesn't sound that much of a hot take

nuclear take 

Interesting post-mortem on what happened when Mozilla's certificate for the Add-Ons expired.

"Add-Ons Outage Post-Mortem Result"

#firefox #mozilla

I think I've just found a name for the voice web browser I'm starting to implement: Rhapsode.

It means a performer of epic poems like The Odyssey and The Illiad. So that name ties nicely into my first browser project.

Good name?

"Leave everything to us" -- one of Windows 10 installer's *several* progress screens.

fun fact about browser location reporting 

P.S.: I've been avoiding talking about this issue from this account (or even boosting posts that do so), but I think I would have to talk about it eventually

I don't think I'll post about it again, I'm not here to proselytize, but if anyone thinks I shouldn't do this, I have a bunch of posts from other people explaining why Fosstodon is "cancelled" now

(P.S. If the @downey is listening, please consider at least silencing them as well)

Are there any other users in this instance who fled from ?

I thought about it for a bit and I think I will just go ahead and silence fosstodon from my end, since the kev's response to the mess he's created was very underwhelming, to say the least

The only reason I hadn't done it already was that I was waiting on some users to jump ship as well so I could know where they were headed, but it seems they ate up kev's non-apology, which is super disappointing

some fucking galaxy brain programmers be like:
.config? hmmm, must be where I should store all the Fucking Cached Stuff and also Everything Else, Alllll the data that Mine Programme Createth
.cache??? .local????? whhaaaaaat are thooooooseee????

I highly encourage everyone who hasn't see Ian Danskin's The Alt-Right Playbook series to watch it.

I see shitheads on the fediverse use basically every tactic Ian mentions in their "arguments" and it is important to understand what the fuck they are doing and why.

@lawremipsum @gcupc @emsenn

I read this as:

"The CoC as written doesn't allow people to be jerks. Therefore, we're writing a new CoC that allows jerks."

@gcupc Like it's very clear he just thinks he expressed himself poorly, and that if only people would LISTEN, they'd understand, he's right after all!

That's exactly what I gripe about in my essay - only instead of FB as a walled garden, it's a self-owned instance.

That's not... much different, in terms of social insulation.

@cj Common totalitarian tactic is to not enforce laws while rewriting them to be more explicit, then pressuring their enforcement when it's convenient, under the guise of "rule of law" instead of "political coercion."

It's... real trivial to write rules that favor oneself. In fact, it's really hard to do anything BUT.

There's a big wide world of experienced community organizers but they want to build their own thing and have it grow grow grow and sorry that's neoliebral centrism, just open-src

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