Dear Fosstodon, I need your help regarding #Wordpress
Please tell me which plugins I should definitely install on a newly set up website to optimize it for search engines, keep loading times low etc.
I'm looking for stable plugins, which do not introduce major security flaws or increase the maintenance overhead and make managing this site a breeze once it's set up
FYI this website is not my own but for an NGO a friend of mine founded recently and which I offered to manage

@totoroot uuuuhhh. why did you do that? : D
i mean... you'll see : (
It is basically now easier to just go full on 90s and post static pages...
i know, i know. GUI, ease, user friendliness and the rest of the bunch.
i am planning to get rid of WP but you probably want Custom Permalinks (check on it, i still needed it the last time), Custom Category Template, Classic Editor (...), WPS Hide Login, W3 Total Chache / WP Super Cache. Good luck with it!

@richardkramen @totoroot static pages shouldn't be considered 90s!! static pages should be considered modern, lightning fast, consistent, efficient and beautiful! simply empowering.

@metalune @richardkramen I totally agree and will continue to use #HUGO to generate beautiful, fast and simple static pages for my personal websites, but as I discussed with some here on Fosstodon, I will only set up the site and administer this, but I'll not be managing its content:
It therefore has to be user-friendly for this friend of mine who will mange its content and not so much for me 😉

@totoroot @metalune understandable! i have my share of this situation as well... hope it works out easily!

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