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"Manual data management"- So what do you use instead of Calc/Excel/nightmare-thing?
Had this naive idea of setting up an inventory for a client in LibreOffice Calc...
(I myself am fine with plain text.)
Any recommendation welcome!

Can we focus on software competing in terms of reliability, stability, and accountability, and less so in terms of the size of your penis^Wseries A

No joke: my county has literally made everyone who wants to recycle electronics or fluorescents a criminal. It is LITERALLY impossible to recycle these in this county. EVERY store, EVERY waste management office has had their recycling contracts cancelled, and with no way to renew for several years now.

So, I'm basically forced to drop my trash off in another county's recycling center or cooperating business. Which is, well, by definition, illegal.

Isn't that just fucking grand?

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Seems like a GREAT time to recommend World Wide Waste by Gerry McGovern again:

"Used wisely, digital could be saving our planet, making things more productive and efficient, and more environmentally friendly, while improving living standards. Right now, however, digital is killing our planet. It is helping make the rich the super-rich, the middle class the working class, and the working class the working poor."


"We have to point out that if devices are unsafe, it is a legal obligation to permit us to make them safer. If you sell an ... unsafe automobile, and you attempt to prevent people from modifying those devices to make them safer, if you're out actually there actively interfering with attempts to make them safer, then when people get hurt you should be liable."

#EbenMoglen speaking at HOPE 9, 2012

If anyone knows what is actually going on in#Berlin please throw a line here. Translating news but can't seem to connect the dots.

Anyone knows a slack/discord alternative app supported on ARM 32 bit?

HP never stopped innovating. From its origins as a leading electronics manufacturer to its role in the birth of PCs and performance servers, it has always demonstrated incredible ingenuity.

Today, that ingenuity is deployed in service of evil ink-based fuckery.

The printer-ink business model has always been a form of commercial sadism in which you are expected to put giant manufacturers' interests ahead of your own with no expectation of any sort of reciprocity.


fuck macs and fuck apple

this machine is a goddamn fucking piece of shit that is for fucking toddlers

"oh apple products just work"

fuck you not if you try to do anything with them they don't

@gadonias I'd like to add that for #opensource or #freesoftware projects this is very hypocritical to keep providing free content to the commercial monopolies that got the world into the mess it's in right now.

Please be part of the solution, not the problem.

If it's too hard to sign up for an account on #peertube and click upload, you have bigger problems:(

If we want to be free, we should start acting like it.

It's been a relevant time to criticize copyright, but if I had to boil my thoughts down to a single statement it'd be:

Money is not an incentive to creativity, it is a distraction!

If governments truly want to incentivize creativity, I reckon making sure they didn't need a job (say, with a UBI) would be more effective than giving them a copyright to sell to the capitalists!

Some websites intentionally sabotage archived versions via the Wayback Machine.

If you need to access content that's only available via the Wayback Machine (particularly news articles) and you get odd errors and/or URL redirects, do yourself a favor: Just disable JavaScript. That fixes the problem.

@cj I agree, but it's great to see so many folks angered by this. Those who are against github censorship and Microsoft stealing the value created by this #FOSS community, may I suggest:

- try to use alternatives
- help projects which are creating alternatives
- help others to move
- don't alienate those who don't move, they will come
- use github against itself

My own effort started last Sunday, hosted on github 🤔 :

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