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What other foundations/things are there similar to FSF, apart from EFF? Maybe it's the prefect time to found a new one?

Okay, just realized XCF files created by newer GIMP versions can't be opened in Krita, (yes, real easy work around for that but) it IS seriously just lovers arguing. One wants it furry the other comes with the straps and gags... :gimp: :party_parrot: :krita:

Updated my profile, it's much nicer now; more humane and immediate. ... While I'm serious about stuff, I am a silly sausage in person, I think it should reflect that more.

digital painting, slight nudity 

after months, am back at proper digital painting. base is now done in the best named computer program.

please, tomorrow, be a good day. SPLASH HEADFIRST INTO MUD

anybody on lastfm? i know it's not good practice but I literally forgot it on for years (...), so it will keep rolling.

Attempted to run .apks without installing whole frameworks, that goddamn snap-thing, chrome or any questionable programs, so in general, without piling up gigabytes of bloat I don't need. ...uhh, decided to use someones phone instead.

My company is #hiring again. We do #GreenhouseGas assessments and #environemntal / #ecological #map data.

We need an experienced Python developer, mostly working with Django. GIS or sustainability experience a big plus.

We can hire remotely in Canada and the UK, preferably around EST/UTC-05:00. Salary would be fairly average for a Montreal software job, which is where I am. Ask me and I'll tell you how much I make.

The official #job ad isn't up yet. This is just me putting out feelers.

Maybe it was hidden below the noise level:

Otherwise I wouldn't understand people leaving WA, FB & Co for privacy concerns, but not moving a bit when their privacy is on stake again, this time not only for the commercial benefit of some data collectors.

Read this:

In case you didn't get it, they're targeting Signal, Telegram, encrypted e-mail, phones, video conferences, ... you name it.

Now head over here: and sign it!

How do you sell music online sans the "big" platforms? (Apart from setting up your own shop.)

What's your favorite system package manager (e.g. apt/dpkg, yum/rpm, dnf/rpm, pacman, portage, NOT e.g. npm, pip, cargo) and why?

from last year. i really got to do something with these, they're a good start.

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