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2D FLOSS artist resume - Looking for opportunities, friends and fun. (13.5 MB)

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Hi all!
Richard here, I do mostly 2D art and smaller projects.
You can check out my things on:
and on my website:
I only started getting real serious about 2 years ago.

I am looking for similar-minded (visual) artists in general. I loved to talk about making pictures and all that.
Aiming to start a FLOSS video game/art studio...

I go great lengths to find and uh, download music and it is a rewarding effort, yet ever once in a while, some hidden gem comes in my way which is just beyond reach. Also, why would one choose the name "Kobain", it is more than misleading. A real proper kind of electronic manoeuvre, tho.

One of the worst things in life is the state where you are just way too angry to finish something. If you never found yourself caught in this slimy trap of the 'modern world', I envy you.

Those who oppose #EndToEndEncryption oppose privacy, human rights, personhood, and democracy.

They are not your friends.

They are the ones who want what the Stasi never had: eyes and ears on everyone, all the time.

You lose this battle, you lose it all.

Installed LineageOS 17 (based on Android 10) on my EIGHT years old smartphone. It's faster than ever (and has no Fascism™). Draw your conclusions.

radical concept apparently: RSS feeds for artists to announce their music

Humanity has imagined so many fascinating philosophical concepts, ideas, cultures, and ways of life. It's sad that the principle which has overtaken the entire world is essentially "acquire as much as you can, enforce your opinions on everyone you can, and fuck everyone else."

We could be so much better.
We should be so much better.
We CAN be so much better.

By the way, if you're using MS Office 365 and are unable to access your data right now... maybe consider the fact that your organisation has made a profound tactical blunder in putting all your eggs in a dubious US-based multinational corporation's basket... and get out of that contract right away.

are there any fedi musicians/producers who would be interested in doing an exchange remix project?

i haven't thought it out in detail but the starting point is the concept of remixing one (or possibly more) of each other's tracks

(boosts welcome)

Hey guys, 5th creature is up. „Only” 7 missing till calendar can be done :D

But I can make it!
First info about Calendar 2021 is here:

#MastoArt #12creatures #mermaid

The idea behind this image is to initially present the viewer with a heavily sexual and violent theme and only when looked closer at reveals the 'truth': the monster is crying and is seemingly chewing on itself. The lady in front is caressing the beast with compassion, as tears are dripping from its eyes while the flowing blood become the the lady's tears. Everything is connected in the image and there is a rotating and squirming motion all over, both literally and metaphorically.

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Gonna post my artwork here from now on. Let's see, here: 'Black Madonna', an image for posters drawing attention to domestic violence and other ills:

Stop Bad Laws Before They Start

Right now, there’s a proposal to essentially prevent you from flashing your own firmware/software to any product with a radio in it before the European Commission. This obviously matters to Europeans, but because manufacturers often build hardware to the strictest global requirements, it may impact everyone. What counts as radio equipment? Everything from WiFi routers to wearables, #SDR dongles to shortwave #radio.

2D FLOSS artist resume - Looking for opportunities, friends and fun. (13.5 MB)

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