I've just installed on my old 2. The installation process took just a couple of clicks. So far so good, and it's really refreshing to use something else than Android/iOS.

Keyboard sounds are disabled by default on ! BEST MOBILE OS EVER

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@datenteiler I'm only using it as a second phone, but every time I pick it up the battery's empty, so probably not very good.

@rgggn I've been wanting to do the same for so long but the install failed last time I tried (about a year ago) and I never took the time to try again!

What do you use for maps/navigation ? I've found the thing tying me the most to Android is #OSMAnd

@Naughtylus I'm using it as a second phone and haven't needed this yet. If I find something I'll let you know!

@rgggn hopefully future versions of the #Fairphone will be available with a mobile GNU/Linux as the default OS (FairOS?)

@strypey @rgggn Hopefully at some point in the future yes. But I know right now this isn't their main concern. However, I also know they have been in contact with the folks at Purism (I think that was mentioned in a thread on Fairphone's forum), so the two companies know and appreciate each other's values.

@bortzmeyer that's an Android/Linux OS, not a GNU/Linux OS. But yes, it's an improvement on vanilla Android, or Sailfish with its nonfree UI components. It would be good if Fairphone could be ordered with a choice of OS, including at least one GNU/Linux option.
@rgggn @Naughtylus

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