We got a new coffee machine installed at work. A _connected_ coffee machine. Yes, it has an ethernet port which, according to the installer, "has to" be connected.

Apparently I'm the only person in the office who thinks it's creepy and unnecessary.

...I don't think I'll be able to keep myself from disconnecting it.

@rgggn If they provide the maintenance I'm guessing it's primarily for sending telemetry for that. If they don't, that's REALLY creepy.

@freakazoid they do provide the maintenance. What amazes me is that it has become so normalized to have connected devices that none of my colleagues even questions it.

@rgggn Disconnect the other end (not that visible). See what happens. Should service turn up, present them with a 418 http response. Ask to rather connect it via fiber – tube, if possible. From the machine to your cup.

@rgggn That story was the first thing coming to my mind – because I was speechless back then… No 💩 but better have it firewalled. 🔥

Call me a nerd – but there are things one shouldn't connect, be it input (coffee machine) or output – which can lead to "unexpected input":

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