I've been using for several months now, mostly to sync articles with my ereader, and I've just decided to take a subscription at to support the project.

@rgggn This has been on my TODO list. How does it compare to Mozilla Pocket if you have any info? Pocket is supposedly open sourcing itself "real soon now"...

@downey I prefer Wallabag. I cannot think of anything Pocket has that Wallabag hasn't. Actually Wallabag has some features that Pocket (AFAIK) doesn't have, for example paywall support (for selected websites only, but it looks like it's easy enough to add more).

@downey I'm surprised it's still not open sourced. Hasn't it been several years already since Mozilla acquired them?

@rgggn What e-reader do you use? I'm looking for a similar setup. Reading long articles on a mobile phone is straining my eyes...

@lenzgr A Kobo. I'm pretty satisfied with it, except that it's not libre. For Wallabag sync, I use Wallabako

@lenzgr I have truly rediscovered the pleasure of reading thanks to me e-reader: no eyestrain like on a mobile or a tablet and also no distraction.

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