Is there any such thing as a libre e-reader? Looking for a alternative.

Many interesting & informative answers. Thanks everyone!

Search for boox. They come in all sizes. But not in FLOSS philosophy

@srinicame @rgggn boox are by far the current best ereader. Don't consider one better than the next in terms of foss. I use them offline so I'm at least not tracked.

And they support all the formats on the planet. You can install other readers from the Play Store


It's not libre, but I would recommend Kobo as the "least worst" alternative.

It's very easy to sideload anything, the devices are nice to use and the built-in store has some DRM-free books available (though it's mostly DRM stuff).

For more technically-minded people there are also various projects giving Kobos totally libre unofficial firmware.

@switchingsocial @rgggn kindle those all that too, no? I use calibre to side load all the time, and there's quite a lot drm free stuff too.

@ton @rgggn

Fair enough.

The original post was asking for alternatives to Kindle though :)

@rgggn Tolino uses OSS only, I am not sure about the F though. Also there might be an exception for the stuff opening DRM-infested pdfs.
But it runs on android, so you can root it [1](german article, but nice syntax so it should be machine-translatable with a reasonable quality).
If it's in budget I'd recommend the vision 4 HD model for its support for redshift-like behaviour. (Also I can't judge about the rest since I only ever had a vision 4 HD in my hands.)


@rgggn not libre nor open source, but may be considered : (:

@rgggn I've heard other people with the same concern mention the Booq Cervantes:
It's the only open source e-book, as far as I'm aware.

@rgggn Nope, which is why I think @Purism should seriously consider making one.

@rgggn I have a Tolino. Not libre, but at least they don't force you to use any cloud service. I have mine in flight mode all the time. updates are downloadable as files, which you can upload via usb or wifi

The Spanish electronics company BQ has an e reader called the Cervantes. Firmware is open source.

#bq #cervantes #opensource

@rgggn you can run non-kindle software on older kindles

duokan is a thing, also

and i'm working on making my own setup for my kindle that allows ereader stuff but also opens up the linux system underneath

BQ Cervantes runs a libre firmware based on Debian Wheezy. As to DRM-free bookstores, that's a tough one, aside from indie books and NoStarchPress.

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