The is a nice little device. I like its modularity and that it is built to last.

A lot of things can run on it: , , , , ... as well as Fairphone's own libre OS.

I will definitely try out a few of them, it'll be fun.

@Fairphone @UBports

I've already given the Open OS a try.

I like it a lot:
* No Google Play Services & no bloat.
* Includes privileged extension.

...even though the version it's based on is a bit old (Marshmallow).

Actually so far that's the only drawback I see.

@Fairphone @fdroidorg

Alright, let's give a try, I've been curious about it for a while now.

Wow! Just... wow:

[20:01:44] This device has proprietary components, which trade some of your freedom with making more peripherals work.
[20:01:44] We would like to offer full functionality without hurting your freedom, but this is currently not possible for your device.
[20:01:44] device-fairphone-fp2-nonfree-firmware: WCNSS firmware (WiFi, Bluetooth, FM)

I think is flirting with me.

Ooooohhhhhhh PostmarketOS supports !! I love i3 & I've been using it for years.

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