The is a nice little device. I like its modularity and that it is built to last.

A lot of things can run on it: , , , , ... as well as Fairphone's own libre OS.

I will definitely try out a few of them, it'll be fun.

@Fairphone @UBports

I've already given the Open OS a try.

I like it a lot:
* No Google Play Services & no bloat.
* Includes privileged extension.

...even though the version it's based on is a bit old (Marshmallow).

Actually so far that's the only drawback I see.

@Fairphone @fdroidorg

Alright, let's give a try, I've been curious about it for a while now.

Wow! Just... wow:

[20:01:44] This device has proprietary components, which trade some of your freedom with making more peripherals work.
[20:01:44] We would like to offer full functionality without hurting your freedom, but this is currently not possible for your device.
[20:01:44] device-fairphone-fp2-nonfree-firmware: WCNSS firmware (WiFi, Bluetooth, FM)

I think is flirting with me.

Ooooohhhhhhh PostmarketOS supports !! I love i3 & I've been using it for years.

@rgggn @fdroidorg @Fairphone I assume you're outside the US? I'm looking into getting one and running it on one of the networks that supports it, at least up to 3G (I'll probably use some service that piggybacks off tmobile or something)

@pea Indeed I am located in Europe. Well that sucks! Doesn't Fairphone have any plan to fix that?



I have one and LineageOS works like a charm! Except the encryption of the device that requires you to remove the camera, encrypt and then put back the camera for it to work. I think this method can hardly work with another device ;)

@Fairphone @fdroidorg

@roukydesbois interesting method! Good to know btw, I've never used Lineage, it's on my list. @Fairphone

@gwenn @rgggn @Fairphone LineageOS 15.1 for the FP2 looks close to final. I'm running the unofficial test version at the moment.

@rgggn Yes, that's what I've been running for some time now: Fairphone Open OS + F-droid, and I'm pretty happy with it. As for the modularity, I've already upgraded the camera and replaced the screen (because I broke the old by dropping it on the floor one time too many...). Replacing modules was really easy :-)

@rgggn @Fairphone @fdroidorg but it should get updated to version 7 (what ever the name is) at the end of the summer. Have you tried Ubports?

@rgggn @Fairphone I also want to try it but at the moment there is no funcional e-mail client. And that it a no-no for me right now.

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