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Since everyone seemed to love my terminal mockups, I've made another one!

This is a further design exploration, showcasing:
• background jobs label/popover
• `ls` displaying an actual list of files! Of course, they are interactive, you can drag'n'drop them from here, click them to open, and right-click for more options.
• autosuggestions being contextual: here, they suggest you to re-run `apt` as root or read the docs
• a collapsed card
• `git` using real graphics

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I've made a mock-up to illustrate my ideas about the next-gen terminal experience!

• the pathbar
• username, hostname and git branch displayed in the UI, shrinking the shell prompt back to just a $
• commands as cards
• syntax highlighting, including graying out the output a bit to differentiate it from commands themselves
• autocompletion (displayed in a native widget)
• built-in error handling options
• the time each command took (on the right)

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A fantastic tool that does what it says:)

Follow any RSS feed using an ActivityPub client. Feed appears as any other in your timeline.

I'd love to give credit but can't recall the user who developed it. If you know please include the info here so we can give thanks;)

Convert an RSS feed to ActivityPub

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Kommentar: "In den großen wettbewerbsrechtlichen Prozessen gegen MS in den USA erfuhr man viel später, aber heute weiß man es, dass IBM damals von MS erpresst wurde – entweder IBM stoppt die Vermarktung von OS/2 auf dem Consumermarkt, oder die IBM-PCs kriegen keine Windows-95-Lizenzen."

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The Tumblr Mess Show more

Sometimes in the middle of my thoughts I commence à penser dans une autre langue...

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Toki Pona complete

All words used in the Toki Pona language are included. An English translation is provided for all words.

#TokiPona #Anki #cards #lipu #nimi #selo123 #sona #anno2016

I really need to check out this thing

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The fact that browsers implement tracking prevention and a distraction-free reading mode tells a lot about the general state of the web.

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I published the release 1.30.0

What's new:

- Cache toots for loading time improvements
- Faster transitions with conversations
- Home timeline can be read offline
- Open private issues on Gitlab

- UI improvements
- Cache cleaner more powerful

- App can't start on some devices
- Fix an issue with cross-account actions for replies
- Fix an issue with the information for toots
- Fix bookmark and translation button issues
- Fix crashes when replying to a boost


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it should be illegal for schools to force having accounts on non-privacy-respecting platforms

When talking to someone, spending more time analyzing their accent than paying attention to what they’re actually saying

I was about to drop (but to replace it with what?) because I want to be asked to type answers.

...well it turns out that Anki not only can do it, but it's also really nice to use & quite flexible: the field you're supposed to type is configurable & it doesn't fail hard but just shows you the difference between what you typed & the expected answer.

This is not the first time it happens to me. Anki's just incredible.

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I wonder what happened to the other timelines.

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❝I don’t believe our species can survive unless we fix this (social media).
We cannot have a society in which, if two people wish to communicate, the only way that can happen is if it’s financed by a third person who wishes to manipulate them.❞
— Jaron Lanier

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"content ID will fix the problem of copyright online" except it's an absolute clusterfuck of false claims, bad tech, and censorship-lite... Yeah, that new EU directive is going be just great for music online... #SlowClap

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Saw this reaction to #Google marketing running #Linux apps on #ChromeOS:

"So it does everything that Linux does, but you can also send all your personal data automatically to google.

Wow, what a value proposition!"


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