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: check out , a instance dedicated to conference and community events videos.

If you are a conference organizer or speaker, feel free to contact me to get an account.

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Please remember that is by nature distributed. So when migrating from (for example) to (for example) please, please, please do NOT create a brand new repository and git add the files, or the entire commit history will be lost. Instead, just push the existing repository to your new hosting service.

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I wish more people would use a on top of or even instead . Hashtags can be muted. Think about it.

What are you chances of your contributions for #Signal being accepted:

* For the Android app apparently 0.44% (yes, less than 1 %) [1]
* For the server code (which hasn't been updated in 9 months 🤔) it's about 5% [2]


Signal not run as a free software project.


"The enjoyment of one's tools is an essential ingredient of successful work." —Donald Knuth

New account managed by several persons.
It will post news concerning #Fedilab #UntrackMe #TubeLab #OpenMultiMaps

Signal is down. I can't stop laughing.

Hey Moxie! Tell us again why centralization is the best way to deploy internet messaging for the masses.

Does anyone here know of a good text-to-speech engine? I'm trying to render Swedish. I've played with espeech, Google's TTS and Amazon Polly. It turns out that GTTS with WaveNet voices is magically good, Polly is good enough, while espeech sounds like my Amiga did back in the late 80s/early 90s...

Is there any FOSS alternative out there that actually works?

Is a safe space for people?

The developer of closed his accounts on because he was harassed by people who resented him for not including a block of Gab'n co on his app..
Gab is now out of Fedi, this happened thanks to admins maintaining proper instance block, not because of apps.
Remember that harassment is a major offense, no matter who's harassed. It is destructive. If you feel some behaviors are problematic, block, report, do not harass!

There's also another Goodreads alternative for the Fediverse in development, though it's not yet in beta. It's called Readlebee and you can follow its progress at @Readlebee

#GoodReads #Alternatives #Fediverse

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The #PinePhone modem (yes, the modem) can now run Linux kernel 5.10 ( @postmarketOS )... we're sure many of you know where this is heading :)
Massive thanks to biktorgj, konradybcio and others.

Getting vaccinated?

Today in digital archaeology: I wanted a PDF calendar generator and found one from 2009 that seemed nice, but the website had long ago disappeared. Luckily the internet archive had crawled it, and since the code was GPL'ed, I was able to update it to build on a modern system and produce page-a-day agendas for my e-ink tablet.

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Throw a URL to an HLS playlist at youtube-dl and it will give you exactly what you want, without any further complications: one single file with the whole video, in the best quality available. It's beautiful. 💌

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