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: check out , a instance dedicated to conference and community events videos.

If you are a conference organizer or speaker, feel free to contact me to get an account.

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Please remember that is by nature distributed. So when migrating from (for example) to (for example) please, please, please do NOT create a brand new repository and git add the files, or the entire commit history will be lost. Instead, just push the existing repository to your new hosting service.

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I wish more people would use a on top of or even instead . Hashtags can be muted. Think about it.

This seems like a good website about Linux based operating systems.


I wonder whether Microsoft is preparing to acquire Canonical...

RSS never disappeared, it just became a bit forgotten about as people got sucked into proprietary platforms. I have used many different RSS apps and services and have come back to hosting my own ( but Feedly, Inoreader and Tiny Tiny RSS are all good alternatives.

It's Time to Get Back Into RSS | Daniel Miessler

Isn't it funny how within 24h the approach to #Keybase changed from "it's secure and awesomesauce, use it for everything!!1!" to "I just use it to share stuff but warn users not to do sensitive stuff there"?

No, actually it's not funny. Because it keeps happening:

1. a new shiny startup does X in an open source but centralized way
2. a lot of "experts" saying how great it is; some greybeards warn that it's centralized but nobody listens - it's so shiny and cool!

Nu finns det klistermärken att köpa med vår maskot! :linuxkompis:

Klistermärkenna är av bra kvalitet, de är 8 centimeter höga och priset är betala-vad-du-vill-men-minst-tjugo kronor (plus porto). Allt överskott går oavkortat till driftkostnaderna för Linuxkompis.

#Linuxkompis #Linux #Gemenskap

If your computer science class is using Zoom for remote learning, convince them to switch to Jitsi and spend a few sessions studying the source code to learn how video conferencing works

A significant part of being an open source software maintainer is people telling you that you’re wrong/stupid/should die/etc.

So I want to give a shout out to the people that take the time to say nice things. Thank you for believing in me. Your support is huge. I appreciate you

Psst, in case you didn't notice, there are some *new* strings waiting for translation on our Weblate. \o/

It took a while due to some very unfortunate external factors (not related to this), but the circuit boards finally arrived here today.

They look good and I'm very excited! I will ship them out to the new owners this week.

I'm also working on a keyboard case and some other things as well. Stay tuned!

#MechanicalKeyboards #Keyboards #DIY

Many times, I've seen arguments made like this: "I'd try Mastodon, but I already have Twitter followers", or "I'd like to use OSM, but Google Maps has better data for my city", or, in my case, "I'd like to use, but GitHub has better discoverability".

Platforms for which popularity improves the utility of the service are skewed in favor of the incumbents. New platforms face a chicken-and-egg problem. You have to decide - will you help it, or exacerbate it? Those are the only two choices you have.

Don't let that cool new platform die in obscurity while you wait for it to become popular.

Keyboard sounds are disabled by default on ! BEST MOBILE OS EVER

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I've just installed on my old 2. The installation process took just a couple of clicks. So far so good, and it's really refreshing to use something else than Android/iOS.

The #French #Education Ministry have deployed 35 #PeerTube instances.

With the aid of #federation we are creating a vast platform of #educational videos, without #tracking and without #advertisements.

DANE de #Lyon : "Le Ministère de l'Éducation a déployé 35 instance…" - Mastodon - #Etalab

What's the best way to share large files (couple of GBs) these days?

The sad state of printers/scanners in 2020 says a lot about general public computing. Nothing has really changed since the 90s, except now you can struggle with your printer with the help of a proprietary and buggy app, but with flat design.

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