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I wish more people would use a on top of or even instead . Hashtags can be muted. Think about it.

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Join me on : a friendly place in the for discussing recordings.

Find me at @rgggn

Coffe does not wake me up, but downtime does.

I have an announcement to make: I am in love. With .

Has anyone tested ?

Hyperbola is based on Arch snapshots, approved by the FSF and uses OpenRC as its default init system.

Every time I hear a nonprofit say, "we have a group", my heart breaks a little for the future.

You handed it over to them, Tim.
Remember when they included DRM in the drafts? Well, you fucked up and it's too late to cry now.

Oh I deleted my gmail account, I’m trying this new thing called email. It’s like gmail but federated.

I have become a great fan of #wallabag for stashing away articles that would otherwise clutter my browser with yet another tab to read. The Android app is great, too!

Fuck this marketing bullshit.
Fuck Silicon Valley.
Fuck the startup culture.
Fuck capitalism.
Have a good day! :)

I've been using for several months now, mostly to sync articles with my ereader, and I've just decided to take a subscription at to support the project.

ArchiveBox | 🗃 The open source self-hosted web archive.

Un "" personnel :
> ArchiveBox takes a list of website URLs you want to archive, and creates a local, static, browsable HTML clone of the content from those websites (it saves HTML, JS, media files, PDFs, images and more).

Et il peut importer une liste de liens depuis :
> Pocket, Pinboard, Instapaper
> RSS, XML, JSON, HTML, Markdown, or plain text…
via shaarli2mastodon

I'll definitely give Black a try, thanks everyone!

@rgggn I personally use Black and I'm really happy with it :)

I enjoy that it takes uninteresting decisions (I mean, who cares about formatting) away from my mind, is fast, stable, and integrates well in my workflow.

The EU is starting a full on war on general purpose computing. A proposed law will make it impossible to install custom software on WiFi routers, smartphones and embedded devices!

This is insane. The hearing ends today. Please give your feedback:

Dear users, please help me making Lollypop 1.0 rock solid by testing current master:
- Using my devel packages:
- Using GitLab CI

Plan to release on March 17 ( my birthday :-) )

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