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: check out , a instance dedicated to conference and community events videos.

If you are a conference organizer or speaker, feel free to contact me to get an account.

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Please remember that is by nature distributed. So when migrating from (for example) to (for example) please, please, please do NOT create a brand new repository and git add the files, or the entire commit history will be lost. Instead, just push the existing repository to your new hosting service.

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I wish more people would use a on top of or even instead . Hashtags can be muted. Think about it.

I've been fiddling around with #matrix for a few hours and got it working up to a point. I haven't found out where in the config file I can enable so users can enter their email address. Anyone know how I can fix this? I get "Adding an email to your account is disabled on this server (Status 400)" from Riot.

Dino 0.1 is released! πŸŽ‰

Dino is a secure and open-source application for decentralized messaging. It uses the XMPP (β€œJabber”) protocol and is interoperable with other XMPP clients and servers. We aim to provide an intuitive, clean and modern user interface.

Release blog post:

I installed T-UI (Terminal based launcher - ) today and it instantly eliminated all check emails, check mastodon, check all messenger, check emails again habits.

I guess it's more because of the unfamiliarity of the interface than any inherent benefit to it. Let's see how this will go. Maybe I'll just have to keep changing my phone UX radically every few months.

If you can't fix it, you don't own it.

- Is better than recycling
- Saves you money
- Teaches engineering
- Saves the planet

#CloudFlare is now hitting the wayback machine with the same #CAPTCHA as #Tor users, thus censoring history too.

I really hope that #peertube will add the possibility to #livestream , imagine what kind of awesome stuff it would lead to!

Considering ditching Spotify for ethical reasons and replacing with bandcamp streams and purchases. Has anyone here made this switch? What are your thoughts re: the drawbacks/gains?

Does anyone know any #linux #distro that is in need of #mirroring ?
I do mirror the popular ones already at but I am looking into helping out smaller #distros that does not have the money or capacity to spend on bandwith.

Very happy to announce Anne-Marie Eklund LΓΆwinder and Frank Karlitschek as speakers at #fossnorth2020 . If you want to join them the Call for Papers is still open:

#gbgtech #opensource #sthlmtech #conference

Just a little vent... Why is that so many left/socialist "things" (groups, media, podcasts etc) insist that the way to engage with them is "through our facebook group"? Not something here on the fediverse, not an RSS feed, not an email address... No, we need to engage through one of the worst examples of the capitalist world when all we want to do is to smash it. </vent>

If anyone wants to chat, you can find me on at

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