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Last date to register for camp has been extended to 5th November 2021.
Please share the camp poster to spread the word.

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The camp registration deadline is extended to 5 November 2021. Please visit to register.

My friends are conducting a Software Freedom Camp.

The event is online and everybody can participate. The registration is closing soon though so hurry up if you want to participate. I definitely suggest it.

More details here:

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In today's session, Snehal Shekatkar ( introduced what is free software, importance of free software in education and how his department uses only free software in education.

The recording can be watched here

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The Tyranny of Convenience

What cost are we paying for convenience? What cost are we paying for using free-of-cost (as in money) products?

Due to the event being online, we would be happy to accept registrations from outside India as well. Keep in mind that time zone difference can be an issue in attending the sessions. Also, the organizers only know English (other than Indian languages).

Problems with Protonmail

In short, do not trust server-side encryption. Encrypt emails in the app using pep

Snehal will be conducting a session in english on his department in Pune University using exclusively free software in education. Please vote here (no sign-up required) if you would like to attend the meeting.

We are looking for people who can help us in designing a poster for this event.

We're glad to announce that the registration for both learners and mentors are open for Software Freedom Camp Diversity Edition -…

Apply as learner -
Apply as mentor -

Poster credits - @avronr and @kannan

#sfcamp #freesoftware
Software Freedom Camp 2021

Self Hosting, Federation and end-to-end encryption - Freedom and privacy in the 'cloud'

What does it mean for users to control software they consume from a server?

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