Just released a new version of my VSCode GNOME theme to follow new Adwaita colors.

Should be available now in the VS Marketplace and Open VSX Registry.

I'm the only one who feels dirty after a full-day of PHP work? 🥲

These beauties just arrived, finally will start playing with some AC heat resistors.

If you never hear from me again... You'll know I left playing the fool.

Blanket 0.6.0 is out and available at Flathub.

This new version brings the GTK4+libadwaita port and some UI refinements.


Finally got time to update my Firefox GNOME theme and fix many little bugs that came up in latest Firefox versions. So if you're using it, enjoy :P

Dialect 1.4.0 is out and available at Flathub. It comes with localized language names, keyboard shortcuts for most actions and bug fixes.



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