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We just published the first tagged alpha release of Fractal.


This doesn't change how we publish Fractal builds and it's still only available on GNOME Nightly.

When Oracle wins, the world loses, it's like an indicator of how bad we are going.

Living in the anglosphere has its advantages, culturally people are very open and critic, with passional ideas that defy the concept of rationality.

One of its disadvantages is that there is almost no way to look at other societies from the outside, it has to be based on the anglosphere's point of view. So if i want to get unbiased information, i have to lurk on other places.

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little process video of a previous watercolour, sorry for the quality!

I think you can see how i don't care too much about precision, flats and colouring in the lines. I love when the colours are bleeding and making mistakes. This is impossible (for me) to get in photoshop! but the downside is sometime i make too many mistakes and i just don't like it anymore, i have to restart or just toss it (i'd say it happens 50% of the time)

In the future mechatronics is going to be more important than ever, farming for example would be technically considered as mechatronics.

But if technology doesn't get democratized this sounds like the worst idea ever.

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Watching Youtube videos about virus and bacteria is scaring the hell out of me.

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Lots of progress on the overview. Also, it stays 100 fps the whole time now when maximized - previously the transition was too slow.

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It's a little ironic that currently no member of the European Union has english as its official language, yet english is the lingua franca of the region.

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Explanation of why your eyes really have poor spatial resolution for blue wavelengths (it's not sensor density, which varies per person & is relatively high anyway) - it's because you're intentionally not focusing on that: calebkruse.com/10-projects/see
(Side-note: when a display says "far lower damaging blue light" they mean they're pushing the blue peak from ~440nm to ~470nm, mildly improving focus too.)

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Quick reminder that old games weren't as pixelated as you may think they were because CRT monitors had built-in antialiasing, so modern displays shows more of the blocky pixels than you used to see.

You can especially see the difference in the hair and jacket of the attached examples using Beltiana's character profile from Batsugun.


killed Detroit... regionalization might revive it.

Nancy Pelosi's visit might have been a statement of intents.

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"So the Hyperloop, for example, [Musk] admitted to his biographer that the reason [it] was announced—even though he had no intention of pursuing it—was to try to disrupt the California high-speed rail project and to get in the way of that actually succeeding."

source gizmodo.com/silicon-valleys-tr

The new seems quite promising, there are noticeable performance boosts.

But... a feature (lowkey inconsistent UI design choice) that they changed and i reaaally liked was the way in which Builder handles theming.

With the current version you can select the UI theme and the editor theme separately... with the upcoming version that is gone.

I like solar dark because is as obscure as it gets, but not for an interface.

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Okey might have become a real threat to the western world rule. They might be going straight down the heart of america, which is the petrodollar.

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