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I'm using a desktop Mastodon app called 'Tootle'. It's a bit... dense? Some padding around the 'toots' would make it look a lot prettier.

° Swim with dolphins
° Get rich

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With the Librem 5 and the PinePhone, there's a hearty uptick in phone availability. Which have you backed or plan to buy?

If I had to put together a "software essentials pack" for the Ubuntu desktop it'd be something like:

• Geary (email app)
• Shotwell (set as image viewer)
• GNOME Feeds (local rss reader)
• Drawing (simple image editor)
• Celluloid/GNOME MPV
• Lollypop (music player)

What would be in your "software essentials" pack?

Okay, so i'm getting quite bad at updating this account (i update most of the omg socials by hand, so something always suffers). Does anyone know of a simple RSS to Mastodon tool? I was hoping IFTTT would work, but nope. I'd rather not a twitter to mastodon because i tweet/reply to people a lot, and that stuff doesn't make sense here.

Apple boo hiss yes yes, but it's nice to see a desktop client being featured in the Mac App Store! More exposure for this platform.

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