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There have been a couple of minor Linux releases recently, including new versions of Geary and Raven RSS reader. Oh, and something called Fedora?

This is some ace artwork for 18.04 LTS 'Bionic Beaver'. Made by DigitalOcean but, alas, not wallpaper sized!

Have you upgraded to 19.04 (incl. flavours)? :ubuntu:

If you like 19.04, but don't want to run Ubuntu 19.04, Pop OS 19.04 is now available, based on Ubuntu 19.04 >>

If Yaru isn't your thing, why not try the new & improved Adwaita theme on Ubuntu 19.04? We show you how >>

The first part of the 19.10 codename has been revealed on Launchpad — but what animal will it adopt?

Now that the OMG! Ubuntu! redesign is out, there's a new share button powered by the Web Share API that, if supported by your browser, can share to Mastodon via your favorite Tooting app :mastodon: :party_parrot:

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