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Friday is here again... #FollowFriday 🎉

📣 @blog WeDistribute: In-depth blog featuring the latest Fediverse news

📄 @libreoffice LibreOffice: Makers of the excellent free open office suite

:ubuntu: @omgubuntu OMG Ubuntu: The web's largest Ubuntu news site

💻 @olimex Olimex: Manufacturers of open source hardware, including the @freedomboxfndn kit

📔 @Carnet Carnet: Free open alternative to Google Keep

#FF #FFed

Last week's FF:

Sick of slow Snap app startup times? You'll be happy to hear that the cause has been identified…

April fools day approaches. As a cynical brit it's my sovereign duty to stymie the fun. As in previous years I won't be posting any pretend articles, like an oh-so-original jape that Microsoft is switching to Linux, etc. Given my current writers block it'll be a miracle if I post anything at all! 😂

This was a fun article to write, albeit one that's too negative for the site. Interestingly, there were more than '5' things I could mention. Narrowing the list was hard. Poor ! 😅

Writers block sucks. Really. But one way to battle it is to write anyway. When I'm stumped and feeling uninspired I write an article I don't intend to publish, as a way to "work through" the frustration. Case in point today…

Debating whether I (joey) should 'appear' in the video this time. It'd help give the narration some presence and add some shot variety. Ubuntu 19.04 isn't a feature-heavy release, so a lot of what's "new" is explanation rather than demonstration.

Working on my 19.04 release video this afternoon! Aside from production tweaks (better sound quality, fewer "flashes") is there anything you particularly want to see in it? Below is my 18.04 video, which shows the style/format I use

Just replaced Google+ with Mastodon in the social links section on the website! Represent!

This neat GNOME extensions lets you draw over the desktop – handy for annotating screenshots!

Firefox 66 has just hit the repos! Run software updater to upgrade

Is there a desktop client for Mastodon that works on Linux? There are lots of nice Android apps, some interesting web-based clients, but outside of an app made for elementary OS (which I don't use) I can't find anything.

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