@isagalaev Experimental fractional scaling support is available, but with potential drawbacks. I find the defaults (and 200%) inadequate too,

I'm using a desktop Mastodon app called 'Tootle'. It's a bit... dense? Some padding around the 'toots' would make it look a lot prettier.

° Swim with dolphins
° Get rich

@billstclair That's some nice kit you've got! I have an Acer Chromebook but i don't set up an Ubuntu chroot atm. I did on my old one. It's a nice workflow.

@starbreaker omg! is not a "free software only" blog. I write about a lot of non-FOSS stuff, Steam, Spotify, Nvidia drivers, Chrome, etc. The privacy aspect of this app is mentioned in the post. I leave it for readers to make their own decisions and choose their own shade of ideology.

With the Librem 5 and the PinePhone, there's a hearty uptick in phone availability. Which have you backed or plan to buy?

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