@omgubuntu "OMG! Linux!" is a thing?? 😮

Also, this looks fancyyy. It's the :thunderbird: #Thunderbird I've been waiting for; maybe I'll even switch back from #Geary! 🤩

@omgubuntu Screw modern design, I want my mail in a list and the preview below. I hope they don't force this on us, maybe theme it back or something. Screw the design bandwagons, this screenshot if inferior to the current format.

Gmail conversation style UI for wider screens my arse. I want folder trees and a list.

@Corfiot they’ve said that a classic view will continue to be included in the new design so people can keep using what they like 👍

@omgubuntu remembers me a bit from the #VivaldiBrowser and the its E-Mail functionality...😏

@omgubuntu Wow, it only took 19 YEARS but they're finally doing a proper message list view 🙌🎉

@omgubuntu ok actually wow

…this is definitely being merged with @k9mail isn’t it :blobcateyes:

@omgubuntu It looks modern, sleek, practical in many ways...

...but I'm happy that I migrated to Claws Mail a few years ago
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