@omgubuntu ugh. I really don't like that one. It's very masculine for a start, and that doesn't do anything to dispel the geek image of Linux. But apart from that, it's not even aesthetically pleasing.
I'll skip it anyway. Laptop has got to 20.04, desktop still on 18.04, and server running the old trusted 16.04 still. I know, I'll need to upgrade it soon.

@AngharadHafod @omgubuntu As far as gorillas go, this is one feminine gorilla. Not that it matters much, nobody cared about the gender of the fossa.

Or is it simply that gorillas are somehow masculine animals by definition? Or are sunglasses inherently masculine? Or the colour purple? Genuine question, as I only see a gorilla in shades.

I agree on the aesthetics though - I find it a bit freaky when things get too humanoid, and would probably have preferred a silhouette or something. :)

@sab @omgubuntu I honestly didn't realise it was a gorilla! I suppose that says something. And not just that I had failed to realise the name of the new Ubuntu.

@omgubuntu No, not at all. Most people will refer to it as 'Groovy' and drop the gorilla if past experience is anything. Therefore IMHO, it should focus more on the 'groovy' aspect than showing a Gorilla. FWIW

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