I've had to stop using the auto-toot WordPress plugin. It sends every article through about 6 times, which is annoying (hence the lack of article shares). Just visit the homepage to see what's new, or follow us on twitter @omgubuntu.

@omgubuntu Ouch! Can you use something else? It is very sad to see you leaving #mastodon and ask ppl to follow on #twitter :(

@omgubuntu Whats with the other #ActivityPub Plugins for Wordpress? Don't the work either?

@omgubuntu there's an AP plugin that integrates Wordpress directly into the Fediverse. Be sure to try it out!

You can't tell mastodon users to follow you on Twitter. It's blasphemy (and a kitten will die every time someone does it) 😊

@omgubuntu i would definitely suggest using no crossposter but rather the ActivityPub-Plugin for Wordpress. You don't even have to manage an account in the fediverse from then on. Your Wordpress is your account!

Good practise example is @blog

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