Do you run your the web browser on your desktop maximised, fullscreen, or windowed?

Keep yer votes coming, folks! My reason for asking is we're working on site design changes but as I run my browser widowed I need to keep in mind what most people use.

@omgubuntu my desktop is 4K, so maximized and fullsceen are a bit annoying

@omgubuntu I have a 1080p display but some sites still don't take advantage of all the horizontal 'real estate'. That is why I prefer to keep my browser 'windowed'.

@omgubuntu on my 16:9 workstation I've put the system bar to one side, tab list to the other side and removed the window decorations (title bar) so now I have content from top to bottom of the screen. I use keyboard to control my windows anyway.

@omgubuntu most often, but only because I'm on a tiny screen these days and switching tags is easy to do. But it is not unusual to see it as a 50% or 25% window when doing work.

@omgubuntu : what is "windowed" ? Never heard of that.

You mean "tiled" ?

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