What kind of phone do you folks use as your primary device? Call me curious 😉

Coming up on 11 months on #UBports #UbuntuTouch on a used device. Waiting for my #Pinephone! 😎

Would be very interested in which apps you use on a daily basis, have a feeling my pinephone is really starting to shape up on ubports...

@thewk @omgubuntu
I've been thinking of blogging about my experience. I would not sugarcoat it.

But I really struggle putting time aside for my blog... 🙄

I would absolutely be reading your posts with the creates interest!

You should run the poll again after the librem 5 is out.

@omgubuntu Android for now, but I'm dangerously close to making the move to UBports.

Hoping to have a Google-free daily driver by the end of the year. :)

@omgubuntu I would very much like to get a librem 5, but the product is not IMO ready yet, the environment is still in its early stages and it's quite expensive.

In two years I think I will finally buy a GNU / Linux phone, when there is more offer and better prices and a more mature environment.

I go back and forth between my Pixel 3 XL with Android and my OnePlus One with Ubuntu Touch.

At the moment though, I am mainly using my P3XL with Android

@omgubuntu technically Android but without Google stuff. I'm using /e/ OS by @e_mydata as my daily driver. Highly recommended! Since it's less bloated the battery lasts longer (especially on older devices) 👍🏻

@OMG! Ubuntu! Still running Android here, but anxiously waiting for the arrival of my Librem5.

@omgubuntu I am using a 'dumbphone' for now but I really want to get a Librem 5. Hopefully, I'll be able to grab one next year.

@omgubuntu I use iOS & Android as my daily drivers.

I occasionally use my UBPorts PinePhone.
But, that's not ready to be a main device so I stick with my walled gardens. For now ;)

@omgubuntu Google free Android (/e/ OS) but considering switching to ubuntu touch

@omgubuntu Waiting for my #librem5 to break free from the duopoly.


Sony Xperia 10 with SailfishOS but I still waiting for #UbuntuTouch or #PlasmaMobile with good configuration and camera like Mi8 or Mi9 from Xiaomi (best con. for price)

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