The plurality of Linux distros is often spotlighted as some kind of issue. I agree that "fragmentation" is a marketing headache, but a technical one?

I don't think so.

Using Linux is (to me) inherently about choice. My choice, your choice, other people's choice. People choice to approach things in different ways for different reasons for different results. To experiment. To push boundaries. Reinvent. Rethink.

Linux is, for me, a momentum or a force, not a standardised end product or ideal.

@omgubuntu Fragmentation can be a pain for some thigs such as updates and support but... This essentially relates to package managers that are not that many in the end so I would not call that a problem, imho

@omgubuntu This makes sense, but the whole narrative that certain versions of Linux are just as stable, user-friendly, and universally compatible as, say, Windows, needs to stop. If you know anything about programming, then Linux is a fine choice, but even Ubuntu requires more than basic computer literacy to perform basic tasks.

@fuzzy @omgubuntu trust me. If you are a computer illiterate, or a person that doesn't care about computers, it is difficult to perform basic tasks also using Windows or Mac.

@omgubuntu can also give choice by just having a lot of packages and ways to configure them?

@omgubuntu It is quite true. However, developers tend to find it difficult to build products for multiple platforms. This problem will hopefully be eradicated with the steady rise of Snaps and Flatpaks. The Linux community presents a place for technical innovation. It may not become the standard but I believe more people should soon consider it as a viable alternative.

@omgubuntu it's a technical headache if you want to distribute an application

@omgubuntu In general one may agree. But consider that there is a new breed of #distros , mostly #ubuntu based distibutions, that have a high need develop unique features, to make a marketing edge.
They develop very innovative & useful features which usually do after a very long time in upstream channels.
Example: mintStick & mintReport on #linuxmint, Sideload & Code app & Housekeeping & Terminal in #elemetaryos, Zorin Connect #zorinos, beagle in #kubunut, etc.

@omgubuntu So just like #freedesktoporg sets some basic standards, there need to be some more common sense on delivering a very pragmatic & useful user experience on the desktop independant of the very personal preference on the #desktopenvironment. If this moves more together, the #linuxdesktop can roll 'cuz the rest is just a matter of taste.
My hope is in:
#linuxappsummit (LAS)

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