@omgubuntu still using #Slackware also in 2019 and no plans to change that in the future.

@lioh @omgubuntu I was thinking about replacing Windows in my prehistoric pc with Slackware (tried Salix a year ago). So it’s still reliable? What about updates?

@lioh @omgubuntu I’m fascinated also by OpenBSD. So why Slackware over it?😉 And what about updates? I see that 15 is not out yet.

@lioh @omgubuntu I see. But doesn’t it face issues, sometimes? I don’t think it works the same as ArchLinux or similar. I mean, it’s a development stage, so maybe not so much rock solid. In any case, thx for the tip.

@chakuari @omgubuntu you have to know how to handle it, yes. Stable is also a wonderful option if you don't need the latest stuff.

@lioh @omgubuntu I’m planning to use it mainly to watch videos/movies, browse the net and possibly some LibreOffice works, so actually I don’t need a cutting edge machine. Probably stable would be enough.

@chakuari @omgubuntu Perfect. If you are familiar with German you could take a look at our online course describing most of the aspects of the system: linuxkurs.ch/ - we are planning to provide an English version as well, depending on the resources.

@lioh @omgubuntu Great, thx! Aber Ich kann Deutsche nicht, so...😅 I’ll wait the English version. 日本語だったら大丈夫だけど。

@omgubuntu I'm a little surprised that Solus didn't make it. Such a solid rolling distro. I can't help but use it as my daily driver.

@omgubuntu I don't agree with every choice. Nevertheless, these distributions do have potential. It's great to see how far this community has come from where we were. 😁 #FOSS #Linux

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