@omgubuntu Well,that's a really good reason for Linux users to switch to better web services.Nobody needs Google shit,there are alternatives for everything.Alternatives which don't care which browser you're using #FuckOffGoogle

@omgubuntu Does that mean, they are irritated because they cannot track you? That's one more reason to use more niche linux tools and quit that Google crap.

Depends on their interpretation of "secure". "Make sure no other party will intercept"?

It's like the old "you are using an old browser, find the new IE here ...".

@omgubuntu of course another oopsy for anyone who tries to oppose Chrome

Notochrome.org #NoToChrome

@omgubuntu but I mean, they have the reasons — they won't allow embedded browsers to sign in:


Want you to go against it, fake your user agent, it should work.

@omgubuntu And on the day that to use google services you can only do it with chrome, they'll drop the HTTP standard.

This reminds so much of the browser wars when people wanted to stop MS IE from being dominant

@omgubuntu The only solution is to not use any google services. There are many alternatives available for each of them - and many alternatives are respecting privacy.

Also, Gmail has stopped working on android email clients like k9mail. Coincidence?

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