@omgubuntu Why are you plugging proprietary software? How do you know BlueMail isn't harvesting data from free-tier users? I know they claim to be #GDPR compliant, but touting BlueMail still seems contrary to your stated mission to "#Linux, #Ubuntu, and #OpenSource awesomeness".


@starbreaker omg! is not a "free software only" blog. I write about a lot of non-FOSS stuff, Steam, Spotify, Nvidia drivers, Chrome, etc. The privacy aspect of this app is mentioned in the post. I leave it for readers to make their own decisions and choose their own shade of ideology.

@omgubuntu Fair enough.

I'll admit I liked the end:

> f you’re a Linux user who a) wants to avoid Snap apps but b) are keen to give a third-party access to your entire inbox...

What was what you meant by mentioning the privacy aspect?

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