With the Librem 5 and the PinePhone, there's a hearty uptick in phone availability. Which have you backed or plan to buy?

@omgubuntu I'm only planning to get a pine phone because a librem 5 is too expensive for me. I hope phosh shell gets ported to it.

@omgubuntu not Linux phone for me but probably an @e_mydata phone 😅

@omgubuntu Librem5, however I also hope that PinePhone will be a great success as this is not about the product but about real linux without android on mobile phones!

The librem 5 is pretty cool, because its hardware design is free too, but it is really expensive...


I have an iPhone XS Max, which I intend to update a year from now to an iPhone 11S Max. I just bought an Asus Chromebook, on which I installed Ubuntu in a chroot. This is my travel machine. There's a 27-inch iMac on my desk. I run Ubuntu Server on my web servers.

I expect to receive tomorrow a Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro, the one with the projector. I will probably root it, and may sometimes boot Linux on it from a USB key. If I like one of those Linuxen, I may replace Android with it.

@billstclair That's some nice kit you've got! I have an Acer Chromebook but i don't set up an Ubuntu chroot atm. I did on my old one. It's a nice workflow.

@omgubuntu I preordered a Librem 5. Expensive, but i hope it's hardware works fine and the software will eventually become a really good experience.

@rgggn @omgubuntu
Yes, but it does so through compromises: very weak SOC, low pixel camera, etc. It won't be a thin phone (the Librem 5 neither). I still hope that performance will be acceptable, Linux OSes may be less power hungry than Android.

@omgubuntu I have no plan at the moment, but if I really am able to buy, I would love to buy Librem, both the laptop and the phone. Thanks for making such interesting poll!

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